Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slow Fade...

Fighting those voices tonight.

You know the ones.

The ones that tell me I'm not good enough. The ones that tell me nobody likes me. You know, the ones that are the loudest and seem to drown out the Voice of Truth.

Ugh! They irritate me. A lot. OK, well, they don't irritate me. I irritate me. The voices are just doing what the voices do--steal, kill, destroy. They are acting in their nature and doing what comes natural. I, however, know better. I know they are lies. I know they have set out to destroy. Yet, I continue to give them power. Yep! I'm irritated with me!

This is where the slow fade begins. The slow fade that Casting Crowns sings such a passionate warning about. The slow fade that causes you to go from feeling like a beautiful, confident, woman of Christ to a horrible mother, daughter, friend, Christian.

 "When black and white have turned to gray. Thoughts invade..." 

So, I am going to the Word for some Truth. I am going to silence these voices with the one only thing that can--God's Word. His Truth. The one only place I can go and see myself clearly. Not through my own eyes. Not through the eyes of the world. Through the eyes of the One who created the world. Through the eyes of the One who had me in mind when He sent His Son to die for me. The One who calls me His. El Roi. The One who sees me. Who really sees me. And, the One who removes the veil from my eyes to see Him in me.