Monday, December 21, 2009

Building Alters...

It's been so long since I've written anything that I'm not sure where to start! My life has changed so much in such a short amount of time that it doesn't feel as though I could begin to sum it all up. Yet, I know I must begin somewhere, as I don't want to miss the opportunity to build alters that tell of what the Lord is doing in my life.

In Genesis 12, every time the Lord gave Abram direction, Abram built an alter to Him as a rememberance and an offering....and that is what I want this blog to be. In the past I always wrote so my children would have a piece of history....penned by their mothers own hand. will always be that for them. However, I also want this blog to be a reminder to myself that the Lord has been my Rock, Provider, Redeemer, Husband, and Deliverer. In those moments when I question the road I am on and wonder if God has really called me to full time ministry...I can visit these alters and know, without a doubt, God has beckoned me to walk down this road.

Lord....accept this blog as an alter to offering of gratitude!

"I bring an offering Of worship to my King No one on earth deserves The praises that I sing Jesus may you receive The honor that You're due O Lord, I bring an offering to you I bring an offering to you"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

In The Zone

God calls us to change. No question about it. When you find Christ, God immediately begins ridding you of the things that don't resemble the qualities of Christ.

If you let Him.

I was eager to give Him my anger, my pride, my jealousy.....all of the things that would make my life 'easier' if they would go away. Who wants to be angry or prideful or jealous? All of those things lead to bigger, uglier things in our lives. They are obvious stumbling blocks.

BUT....what about when God wants to do something in our lives that makes us uncomfortable? What about when the change isn't something that 'appears' to be hurting us? What about when He calls us to reach out to somebody that we just aren't comfortable reaching out to? Somebody who is maybe a little different than ourselves. Somebody who 'rubs' us the wrong way? What do we do when that somebody wants to infiltrate our little circle of friends? Do we embrace them with the Love that Christ has shown us? Do we extend that Grace even when we know we may have to spend time with someone who makes us uncomfortable? It pains me to say that more often than not.....I don't.

As Christians, we are all about living the 'Great Commission':

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations......"
Matthew 28:18

We love to go to faraway places and help those who are less fortunate. We offer food to the hungry, money to the poor, and wells to the thirsty. We adopt children from other countries and bring them to America or send money, monthly, to children who already have parents, but live in a place where they will never have anything. Every single one of those acts pleases Christ when done with a right heart. And....every single one of those acts makes us feel good. But....what about when God calls us to spend time with that person whose personality just doesn't 'mesh' with ours? Are we still willing to be so obedient when living the 'Great Commission' doesn't feel so good?

Jesus hung out with a lot of people during His time on earth. There were so many different personalities around Him constantly! Even His disciples, who all loved Him and wanted to follow Him, all had different personalities. No wonder He frequently went off by Himself and prayed. Notice the Bible doesn't have all of Jesus' prayers in it? I have always thought it was because of the intimacy of those prayers between the Father and the Son. I'm beginning to wonder if Jesus was praying something like:

'Father, I know you placed Judas in my life because He is part of Your plan, too....
BUT he is sooooo greedy. It's all about him. He only cares about money and frankly
I just don't think he gets what being a follower of mine is all about!!!'

I know that the One who calls me to be more like Him, would never ask me to do something He hasn't already done. He asks me to extend Grace to those He puts in my path, despite the personality differences, because He extends it to me. He calls me to love those that are hard for me to love because He loves them. He calls me out of my comfort zone because He gave up the Throne of Heaven to dwell among us. His entire life, here on earth, was 'out of His comfort zone'.

I have been convicted. He beckons me to reach out. Not just to a lost world, a hungry child, or a homeless man/woman, but to my brothers and sisters in Christ who may look and act a little different than me. Those who may make me a little uncomfortable because God had the audacity to gift them with a personality unlike my own.

Thank you, Lord for making each one of us unique. Help me learn to step outside my 'circle of friends', embrace differences, and most of all.........make my comfort zone....uncomfortable!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Learning...

Jordan really struggles with math! She has had a really hard time learning multiplication and now we are working on division. She is a couple of grades behind on math, but I'm not in a panic...yet. I realize that someday it's just going to click with her. However.........

Knowing that she will get it someday does not ease my frustration with her today. It seems like everyday I have to show her how to do the same thing over and over. She gets it one day and the next......she has forgotten. Some days it just drives me crazy!

Today, I find myself wondering.....

Does my lack of being able to learn something, after He has tried to teach me over and over again, frustrate God?

It seems that God has to continually teach me the same things over and over and over. I wonder if God is sitting up there saying things like:

"Come on Heather! We just went over this last week!"

"Don't you remember when I dealt with your pride last time and you said you got it this time?"

"Really? You're struggling with that anger issue again? How many times are we going to go through this???"

The thought of it almost makes me chuckle. Almost. The truth is.....I am a sloooooowww learner. There are issues that God has been trying to rid me of for the past 8 years and I am STILL trying to learn them. I guess I need to cut my daughter some slack when she can't remember to bring down the 2. She has only been learning division for a couple of months;)

Thank you Lord for being the most patient teacher and for allowing me the opportunity to teach my children at home. Fill me with Your Spirit as I instruct my children in Your ways. OH....and please help Jo to learn division faster than I learn my lessons........because 8 years of division might just cause me to lose it!

I'm Accepted.....

Around a month ago I received a phone call from the admissions guy at Crown College....where I had applied to become a student in the fall. He was calling to let me know that the reason it was taking so long to process my app is because they have to get 'special permission' for me to attend. My heart began to sink as I knew what he would say next.

In high school I wasn't exactly a great student. OK..that may be a slight understatement. I was an awful student. At one point, my GPA was .69. No, that wasn't a typo. I cared much more about hanging with my friends and partying than I did getting my school work done. I graduated by the skin of my teeth and now it was coming back to haunt me.

Admissions guy told me it would probably be a couple of weeks until he could get a hold of head guy that needs to OK my admission. So, I would probably have to wait for a month until I heard anything. I got off the phone with admissions guy a little worried. However, God quickly reminded me Who is in charge. I sent up a prayer and decided that if this is truly God's Will then there will not be a problem.

Two weeks later........I received my acceptance letter:) It's conditional. I have to take at least 12 credits per semester and I have to maintain a 2.0 GPA. I'm going to college!!!!!

I am still waiting to hear from financial aid. I have to admit....I'm nervous. I am needing financial aid to come through in a HUGE way! BUT.....I know Who is in charge and I'm placing it in His hands.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And...The Rotten Blogger Award Goes To........ME

I have been a horrible blogger...I know. I apologize. It's not like I haven't had anything to say.........I just haven't felt like saying it. There have been SO many things going on that I'm not even sure where to start. However, I do know that if I don't start now, I may never start again. So, let me start with this:

I am WELL! Finally. It was a very long haul. I did not bounce back the way I thought/expected/hoped I would. I had a not-so-nice reaction to my steroids that left me in a lot of pain and not able to do much at a time when I really needed to be doing many things. To say it was frustrating is an understatement. It wasn't until mid-April that I really felt good. Being down for almost two months is just not me! I am trusting that God knew what He was doing:)

I am down to my last week of work. I can't believe it! I remember telling my boss in early February that I would be leaving May 1st. I really thought the time was dragging along, but now that it's actually my last week....I think it went pretty fast. I am anxious to end my time here and begin this new chapter in my life. I won't start school until August (if I am accepted....still waiting to hear) so I plan on spending some quality time with my girls and my son this summer. We are really behind on our homeschooling, so it looks like the majority of our summer will be spent doing that. What a blessing!

There are so many little details I am going to spare you from. Like the fact that we have had 2 garage sales, I am still in between homes as we wait for the attic in my parents house to be finished, I have approximately 4 outfits that I can access right now, and I can't find anything. Each of those sentences could be an entire blog post. I won't even go there.

Thank you for checking in with me and I'm sorry I haven't been good at keeping you updated. I hope to blog more now that things are settling down. OK....things aren't really settling down, but I DO hope to blog more:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Maybe I Need To Slow Down?

Apparently, God has decided that I need a little Sabbatical. I have been stretching myself a bit too far. I Knew it. Refused to change it. Neglected the warnings of my body, not to mention the voice of my Lord and now........

I'm on Sabbatical.

At the hospital.

Since Wednesday.


I've had this bronchial thing since the end of September. You may remember me whining about missing the Joyce Meyer conference? Yea. Well, I went to the ER a couple of times between September and December, they put me on some steroids and finally by Christmas I was feeling pretty good again. However, I don't think I ever bounced back 100%. is life and it really doesn't slow down just because one (such as me) doesn't feel good. So, I have just kept pushing through. Ignoring the warning signs. Ahem.

After an exhausting weekend at Dare2Share with the teens (more about that awesome time later:) and a long 8 hour day at church on Sunday, I had planned to spend Monday evening relaxing. However, something came up that I had been putting off and with that time slot open, I quickly filled the space. By Tuesday evening, I could feel my body begin to give way to what seemed like a little cold. My body was achy, my head was hurting, I had some chills, and my lungs were a little tight. Since I am a seasoned pro in the Asthma arena, I decided to do a Nebulizer treatment as a precaution. I was hoping to break up anything that may have decided to lurk deep within. But....nothing. My cough was dry, no breathing problems. Seemed as though bed was the best option.

I woke up on Wednesday feeling lousy. My lungs were hurting a bit, but nothing major. I took a quick puff of my albuterol inhaler, called the boss to let him know I would be in around noon (thinking I would feel better then), and went back to sleep until about 8:30am. When I woke then.....I knew there was a problem. I wasn't breathing well. I did a Nebulizer treatment. Relief.....for about 10 mins. Took a shower. Did another treatment back to back. Nothing. Called the doc.

My appt was at 11:15am on Wednesday. By the time I reached the docs office, my oxygen level was 85. He looked at me for about 3.2 seconds before sending me to the ER. I remained there until approximately 3pm when they admitted me to ICU.

Where I am currently residing.


I had a lot of activities scheduled this week that I was really looking forward to. Wednesday night was our Experiential Worship Night with the youth and I was anxious to spend that time with them since returning from Dare2Share. My girls were singing Friday night at church, we were introducing our new Sunday School curriculum (that we picked up at Dare2Share) to the Jr/Sr High teens, and Sunday night was the Winter Wonder Jam with Tobey Mac, Brandon Heath, and Hawke Nelson. And guess what!?

I missed it.

All of it.

I even tried to get a 'furlow' to leave the hospital for a few hours on Friday night. Nope. Didn't work.

What began as an overnight observation has turned into a lesson in being still. It's not a new lesson. As a matter of fact, I believe God and I were just working on this together over the summer. However, as He knows and I have always said....I am a slow learner.

My girlfriend dropped of a book she felt 'led' to give me to read. It's called "Be Anxious for Nothing" by Joyce Meyer. I chuckled when she handed it to me because she knew how much I wanted to be 'on the go' this week. Last night, I took a little turn for the worse and began to feel very frustrated. My friend, Connie, sent me a text to let me know she was praying for me. I expressed my frustration to which she simply texted back 'Phil 4 7'. She was not aware of the book.

Yea. He's funny.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dare 2 Share

Tomorrow, February 20th, I, and 2 other leaders, get the priviledge of accompanying 11 youth to the Dare2Share conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. I. AM. PUMPED. Seriously! If you have never seen these guys, please check out their website. They have such an amazing way of presenting the Gospel and challenging us to spread the Word. They are gifted beyond belief and I can't wait to see how God moves in the lives of the kids who are going. ( us 'adults', too:)

Also, I can't wait to spend some quality time with these kids! Some of the kids that are going, we only get to see once a week at youth group. It will be great to get to know them better. Others, we know a little better and it will be fun just to connect with them outside of youth group.

There isn't a lot of spiritual 'depth' to the kids who are going, so I am really praying that God will penetrate their hearts deeply. Often, when youth come back from a conference they are gung-ho, but it's short lived. They are on that spiritual high that goes as fast as it comes. I am praying that this will be different. I am praying that there will be some 'real' conversions this weekend!

What a blessing to be able to be a part of these kids' spiritual matter where it leads!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jo!

Dear Jordan,

12 years ago you entered this world and my life hasn't been the same since. You have brought so much joy to me and our family. I can't imagine my life without you.

I can't believe you are 12 already. It seems like yesterday that you were just our 'Sissy Who down in Whoville'. Now, you are growing up and I am so proud of the young lady you have become. I love that you are concerned with modest dressing. I love that you are not 'boy crazy'. I love that you love Jesus and aren't afraid to tell people. I love that you are genuinely concerned about other people. I love that you are a good friend. I!

Enjoy this day, sweetie. This is the day the Lord has made..........just for YOU!

Happy Birthday Whoobee Doodle!
Mommy loves you soooooooooo much!

Lord, thank you for this child. Thank you for entrusting her to me. Please mold her into the woman you planned her to be. I am so anxious to watch her story unfold, but Lord....could you please slow down the time a little? She is growing up so fast and letting go, well, it just isn't my strength. Please help me to be the mom she needs me to be over these next few, very important, years. And above all..........please plant yourself firmly in her heart. Amen.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Technically Challenged....

Because I am technically challenged..............

Part 2 of 'Dropping My Net' is posted under Part 1. Yea.

So, if you are somewhat interested in the rest of the story, please scroll down.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dropping My Net. Part 1

In 2002 I was looking for a house to buy. I had been living with my mom and dad after my husband and I divorced. I wanted to stay close to them, but felt ready to be out on my own.

Behind my folks' house sat a brown and yellow-tudor style-stucco house. There was a great view of the house from my folks' hallway upstairs. There was a little elderly couple that lived there and I always wondered what that house looked like on the inside. I should have been a realtor. I am fascinated by homes and can usually find something charming about every home. No matter how ugly or worn down it appears. However, this house was not ugly and was very charming from the outside. Then, one was for sale!

I couldn't believe it! Are you kidding me? I had only been a Christian for about 4 months and I was convinced that God had arranged this! He wanted me to have this house! I called my realtor and asked to see it. She set up a time and my mom and I met her over there. I was stunned when we entered the home. It was as beautiful inside as it was outside. The woodwork was in great condition, there was a gorgeous sunroom that boasted 10 windows, all of the closets were big, the kitchen was perfect, the basement was finished, the possibilities were endless! I wanted this house! I inquired about how much the sellers were asking and again....I knew this was a gift from God! It was CHEAP! Apparently, the elderly couple went into nursing homes and the kids just wanted out from under the house. Everything was starting to fall into place.....until.......

I work for an insurance company and I am licensed in property and casualty. Which means....I write auto and home insurance. About a week after finding my 'dream home', we received a call from one of our clients. Their daughter and her family were moving to town and buying a home and they needed homeowners insurance. I asked for the address of the house they were buying and when they gave it to me, I could immediately feel the sting as tears welled in my eyes. They were buying my 'dream home'. They had already put in an offer and it had been accepted. I cried a lot over that house, but my new found faith in Jesus kept things in perspective. I knew there was a reason that I wasn't getting that house.

The couple who bought the house were around my age and had a couple of kids who were close in age to my children. We became friends fast and I would always give them a hard time about buying my house. They began attending the same church I attend and soon we were spending lots of time together. By the time I found a house to rent in 2003, our families were very close. I only moved down the street so we still spent weekends and evenings hanging out. In 2004, Dan and Lori felt the Lord calling them to foster children. My daughter, Amber, was one of the children that was placed in their home.

In July of 2005, I had already taken in Amber when my landlords decided to sell the house that we were renting. I was completely bummed! Even though the house was small, it was in a good neighborhood and just down the street from my folks. However, my faith was strong and I knew that God would provide the perfect place for my children and myself.

My folks, the kids and I, and my daughters paternal grandparents went to Disneyland in August of 2005. As we talked one day, I told them about our housing situation. Their response was completely unexpected......they wanted to buy us a house. I couldn't believe it. As soon as we got home I began looking at houses. There were several nice homes on the market, but truthfully none of them measured up to the one home I 'dream house'. I knew Dan and Lori had talked about selling their house, but I also knew they hadn't meant right this minute. However, I decided to approach them anyway. Their response was what I had expected. They weren't quite ready. So, I continued the search. I found a couple that I really liked, but there was always something wrong with them that was going to end up costing me money.

One day, after church service was over, I decided to approach Lori again. I hadn't found anything I loved and time was running out. This was my last ditch effort. I asked, again, if they would pray about selling their home. Immediately, Lori was in tears and I felt awful. Later, I would find out that my offer to buy their home was an answer to their prayers. They agreed to sell.

In November of 2005, I moved into my 'dream home'. A home that God had provided 3 years after I thought it was gone forever. A couple of weeks ago, as I sat in my living room looking around my house, I couldn't help but praise God for allowing me such a beautiful home. I am a single mom with a low paying job. I am living at poverty level. Yet, here I was sitting in a home that is in a good neighborhood, right behind my folks, and has everything I have ever wanted.

I am constantly amazed at how God provides. Even when His provision takes us to places we weren't prepared to go...........

Dropping My Net. Part 2

For the past couple of years I have had the feeling that God is preparing me for a big change. I have been discontent in my job, yearning to stay home with my kids, and extremely passionate about working with teens. However, no matter how strong these desires were or how discontent I have been with my job, I have stayed put. Feet planted. Stubbornly? I don't think so. Fearfully? definitely. Not fearful of change (well, maybe a little;), but more fearful of being out of God's will for my life. I've been there before and I gotta's not pretty! Plus, to be completely honest, I just couldn't figure out how in the world I was going to be able to quit my job and stay home with my children. I thought God had given me the answer in this post, but after everything our family went through with Amber, well, I just couldn't go there again. At least, not right now.

As the New Year began I made a promise to God. Not a resolution that was meant to be broke, but a promise that.......I would follow wherever He leads. I would give up anything He asked me to. I would 'drop my net' so to speak and follow Jesus. I knew 3 things for sure: 1) I was to quit my job 2) I was to stay home with my children 3) I am to work with the youth. I couldn't imagine how this was going to happen. However, God did whisper a few words of encouragement.....something along the lines of......."Nothing is going to happen if you never step out and trust me." Ahem. OK. Sooooooo....maybe He had a point.

I set May as my deadline for quitting my job. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew that I couldn't do anything else while working 40 hours a week. I planned to get a part time job in May, but I have to be honest....I just couldn't figure out how it would work. I am struggling to make it right now, working full time. I decided not to worry about it and handed that part over to the One it belongs to. God has been extremely faithful in providing for our family. I knew He would make this happen. I also filled out a FAFSA (student grant/loan) application so I could begin online classes in June. Then, I layed everything in His hands. I didn't know when and I couldn't have imagined how, but I knew He would provide.

Last Monday I received a phone call from my daughters paternal grandparents. Their business' have not been doing well and they called to tell me that they would have to sell my house. I was devastated. The tears began to flow as I thought about the memories we have built in that home. Where are we going to live? What are we going to do? I called my folks and told them and sent out a prayer request to my small group. We had to be out of the house by March 31st. That gave me right around 2 months to find a place and the worst part of winter.

As I began to wallow in self pity, I received an email from my mom. She gently, lovingly reminded me of the prayers I had been praying to God. She told me that her and my dad had been talking and that they had a plan to make room for the kiddo's and I to stay with them. Since I would have no bills, this would allow me to quit my job, stay home with my kiddo's, and go to school. The tears began to flow again. This time, in awe of my God Who had been patiently waiting for me to drop my net and truly follow Him.

The other day, a friend from church stopped by the office. She wanted to get auto insurance for her son. As we chatted, I told her that I planned on leaving the insurance company in May. Turns out that she is in need of a personal assistant.....starting in May. The work will be part time and the biggest majority of it.....I will be able to do from home. I gave my notice to my boss a couple of days ago and plan on April 30th being my last day.

I am still sad about losing the house that I have loved for so long. However, the joy of being able to fulfill God's will for my life is far outweighing the sadness. He is teaching me to let go of the temporary things of this world and to run after the things that will last. With every step I take He confirms that His hand is over me and that I am making the right choice. He is so intimate.

I love you, Lord. I Thank You for all You have given, but I praise You for all You have taken. You are so good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear President Obama.....

I am always proud to be an American, but I stand a little taller today knowing that my children are witnessing our first African American President being sworn into office. 54 years ago Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. Right now, at this very minute, a black man is taking an oath to be the leader of the most powerful country on earth. How amazing is that? I can't imagine the sense of victory you must feel right now. I join you in celebrating the history that is being made this day.

You have rallied this nation in an unprecedented way. You wooed the people with words we needed to hear. You promised us a future of change and hope and in return, America elevated you to celebrity status before the votes were even counted. You became the hope for not only this nation, but countries around the world. You were charming, charismatic, and you never backed down from a challenge. You fought hard and victory became inevitable.

It is because of all those wonderful qualities that you possess that I am so sorry I couldn't vote for you. I wanted to. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the country. I wanted to be completely convinced that you were the hope of the future. Unfortunately, there was one little problem. See, I already have a Savior. There is no hope you can offer me that Jesus hasn't already offered. I trust Him completely and I trust that what He says is true. When He says murder is wrong, I believe Him. When God says that He knit me together in my mothers womb, I believe Him. I choose to err on the side of life because I know that my Savior is life giving. Of course that is not the only reason I couldn't vote for you, but that's not what this post is about.

Today is your day, Mr. President! Enjoy every minute of it, because here is where the hard work begins. Starting today, you must live up to be the President that you, and a majority of Americans, have created in their minds. You must be the hope for millions of people; their 'savior', if you will. You have a tough job ahead of you and................

I will be praying for you every day. I may not agree with a lot of your views, but you are now my President, too. I am praying that you are successful in bringing our country out of this economic slump. I pray that your heart will align with God's on moral issues such as abortion. I pray that you never take one single day for granted and that you fully realize that you are leading this nation only because God has allowed you to! I pray that even though you are going to be a very busy man, you find time every day to be in God's Word and that you will seek His wisdom daily and not rely on your own. I pray that you remember that while change is good and it is certainly what brought you to where you are today, some things should never the fact that America is a Christian nation founded on God's Word.

God bless and protect you, Mr. President!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You're Not One Of Us.

Last year I read a story about Walter Cronkite that he tells in one of his books. This story has had me thinking (off and on) for a year. Do you ever read or hear something that just strikes a chord within you, but you can't figure out exactly why? Well, that is what happened with this story:

Covering World War II, a bunch of wire reporters, Cronkite included, decided to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in Paris. When the bill came, they all started pointing fingers at one another, because it was so expensive that no one there could afford to pay it. It was then that Ernest Hemingway, who was listening in at another table, walked over to pick up the tab. But before he did, he left the table of reporters with a little sage advice:

“Just because you are here with us, doesn’t mean that you are one of us.”

These words, uttered by Ernest Hemingway, speak volumes. My first thought was that these words relate to Christians being in the world. Just because we are here, with the world, doesn't mean we are part of the world. As the Bible clearly tells us we are set apart. However, as I meditated further on these words, I began to see them differently. God showed me something His church me.

I am blessed to attend a church that is filled with messy people from all different walks of
life. Our church is home to a variety of people. Everybody from doctors and professionals to drug addicts and alcoholics. That is one of the reasons I love our church so much. There are also some things I dislike about our church. One of them are the 'cliques' that have seemed to form. There's not a lot of them, but one is too many in the body of Christ. What troubles me more is that I may 'act' as though I am a part of these 'cliques' sometimes. I am worried that my attitude may say to someone:

"Just because you are here with us, doesn't mean that you are one of us."

I have attended my church for 7 years and have become friends with quite a few people. I always look forward to greeting time as it gives me the opportunity to chat with my friends for a bit. I'm pretty social (when I am in my comfort zone) and flit around like a bee buzzing from one person to the next. But I wonder how many people dread greeting time because nobody comes up to them? I wonder what they think about people like me who walk right by them without even noticing them and hug the person directly behind them? What does that say about our church? More importantly.....what does that say about our Jesus? Does it say......

"Just because you are here with us, doesn't mean you are one of us."

I am challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone this Sunday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

She's Out To Get Me. Seriously.

You may recall this post. You know, the one where I was weepy cuz my little girl got her drivers license? Yea. Well, weepy has ended cuz said little girl is determined to ruin my vehicle! Seriously!

Sam, on most days, is an excellent driver. She is careful, watches her speed, doesn't talk on her cell while driving, and seems to have a good grasp of the responsibility that goes along with owning a drivers license. Until................she gets in or around my vehicle.

On Christmas Eve, I decided to drive to my moms so we could bring all of the gifts at one time. My folks only live right behind us, but there was a lot of snow on the ground and a lot of packages. Driving seemed the best option. As I was getting stuff together, Sam asked if she could back my vehicle out of the driveway. I said 'Sure'.

The side of my house runs along an alley that runs between 4 houses. My driveway runs off the alley and is a little tricky getting into sometimes as it is very narrow. Since the alley is a public street, I have to make sure my vehicle is not sticking out too far as to keep other vehicles from coming through. However, on the other side of the vehicle is a drop off into our backyard. There are railroad ties stacked upon each other that serve as a make-shift retaining wall.

I was running around the house trying to get everything together to go to my folks when I heard Sam come in and say she was stuck. Since there was a lot of snow, I assumed she was stuck in the driveway and couldn't get the vehicle backed out. However, as the story progressed, it was becoming more clear. She wasn't stuck in the snow, the vehicle was stuck on the railroad ties. Well, to be more accurate, the railroad tie was under the axle and the tire was 'free floating'. Let me just say that the words tire and free floating shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Ever. Of course I handled this dilemma in the most loving, Christian way...."Sam! How could you do this? Weren't you watching what you were doing?, etc." Yea. Cuz she didn't feel bad enough. I had to do some serious apologizing later!

So, I began calling every place I could think of that might have the capabilities of towing a vehicle. Surprise! Everything is closed at 7pm on Christmas Eve. So, I left a message on the cell phone of a guy who owns a local gas station (thank God for small towns). He called back and said he would be at my house at 9am to get it 'unstuck'. I shuddered as I hung up the phone and began to calculate how much this little 'tow' was going to cost me on Christmas Day. Thankfully, God has blessed me with amazing friends! A good friend of the family came by, with his tractor, on Christmas Day, and within a few minutes had me completely unstuck!

Yesterday, Sam and I drove to church separately because my youngest daughter and I were attending Girls for God after Sunday School. Sam came in the room to let me know she was going to pick up some lunch and then go to Worship Team practice. I was thirsty, so I asked her to bring me back a pop. When she came back into the room to give me my drink, she looked a little pale. I asked her what she was doing and she said "Preparing for my funeral." Of course, I asked why..... to which she replied "I would rather not tell you here." UH-OH!

Seems that as she was backing out of the parking space at church she 'grazed' my vehicle! Is it just me or are you sensing a pattern here between backing out and my vehicle? I went and inspected it and it's a little more than a graze, but I did handle it in a loving, Christian way this time. I am thankful for these minor fender benders and pray they are the worst accidents she ever has. However, if she could give my vehicle a break.......that would be great;)