Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Decade....

Wow! I am always amazed when I look at my last blog and realize how long it has been since I have written. There are so many things going on and God is teaching me so much that I should be writing every day. However, the day gets busy and at the end of it I think "I will do it tomorrow" only...tomorrow never seems to come--until today:)

Where do I start? Well, maybe with my 40th birthday. EEK! Am I really that old? The calendar says "YES!" and my body definitely says "YES!", but in my mind I am still in my very early 30's. The thirties were a great decade for me because that is when I found Christ. Every year after that has been filled with growth as I have learned to have faith, joy, and hope in all circumstances and learned to accept God's unconditional Love. I am looking forward to my forties as I know God has so much more to teach me and I am looking forward to becoming more like Him every day.

I celebrated my 40th birthday with my family and some close friends. It was very low key and I was thankful. I was very nervous that my family and friends would do something a surprise party complete with black "Over the Hill" balloons, but the day went by fairly uneventful and I let out a sigh of relief as I went to bed that evening. Grateful to God for the amazing life He has given me and shuddering at the thought of how I would have spent the day if I had never found Him. However--my sigh of relief was short lived.

On Friday night I walked over to Brett and Heather's house for game night with Travis and Nikki and as we approached the door I heard a large group yell "SURPRISE!" My first instinct was to run, but my son quickly, and sternly, told me "You're going in!" Travis's 30th birthday was Sunday so I was sure the party was for him and I was kinda mad nobody had told me. As it turns was for both of us.

I hate parties like that. Well, I love them for other people, but I hate them for me; I despise being the center of attention. However, I couldn't be mad. As I sat there looking around at all the people I was completely humbled by how God had blessed me with such amazing family and friends.

Lord, I know I am undeserving of all that you give me--especially my family and friends. I thank You for them and pray that You will help me to show them how much I love them and appreciate them. I am looking forward to these next 10 years Lord and pray that above all things.....I fall more and more in love with You!