Friday, March 3, 2017

A Year. . . or more

It always surprises me when I check this page and it has been a year...or more...since my last post. So many things have taken place since I last shared anything:

Jordan and William did tie the knot on May 28, 2016

My son proposed to his girlfriend on December 24, 2016

And, I graduated

2016 held so many blessings for our family that my heart completely overflowed. Some years are like that, right? Years where our mountaintop experiences far outweigh our desert wanderings. Other years, it is reversed. It is too early in 2017 to know what this year will hold. Thus far, the blessings have continued to flow for our family; for myself. It would be normal to say that I hope the blessings continue to flow for the remainder of this year...or more. But, the truth is--I hope that God brings me whatever I need to further my relationship with Him. If it's be it. If it is adversity or some desert be it. Thy will be done, Lord. I thank You for all of it.