Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Accepted.....

Around a month ago I received a phone call from the admissions guy at Crown College....where I had applied to become a student in the fall. He was calling to let me know that the reason it was taking so long to process my app is because they have to get 'special permission' for me to attend. My heart began to sink as I knew what he would say next.

In high school I wasn't exactly a great student. OK..that may be a slight understatement. I was an awful student. At one point, my GPA was .69. No, that wasn't a typo. I cared much more about hanging with my friends and partying than I did getting my school work done. I graduated by the skin of my teeth and now it was coming back to haunt me.

Admissions guy told me it would probably be a couple of weeks until he could get a hold of head guy that needs to OK my admission. So, I would probably have to wait for a month until I heard anything. I got off the phone with admissions guy a little worried. However, God quickly reminded me Who is in charge. I sent up a prayer and decided that if this is truly God's Will then there will not be a problem.

Two weeks later........I received my acceptance letter:) It's conditional. I have to take at least 12 credits per semester and I have to maintain a 2.0 GPA. I'm going to college!!!!!

I am still waiting to hear from financial aid. I have to admit....I'm nervous. I am needing financial aid to come through in a HUGE way! BUT.....I know Who is in charge and I'm placing it in His hands.


Tanya Ross said...

Awesome sister, I know God will take care of everything. Congrats and our prayers will be with you.

Susan said...

Wow Congrats. That is awesome.!!!!!!

Heather said...

Thank you ladies:)
I am VERY excited!!!

Nikki Graham said...

Seriously---we need to talk about this! VERY similar situation for me! Except, it's my high school grades that got me into Grace, I was granted an exception.....my previous college experience STUNK! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Carol said...

Hi Heather,
I haven't blogged in a long time, and about the only blog I check out is Indian Lake Papa's. I decided to click on his followers and check on some of you I used to blog with. Well...I am so happy for you to be going to college. I assume you are now in your first semester. Would love to know more about it..email me at c.casarez@hotmail.com.

I went back to college at age 38, graduating at age 41 with BA in Psychology, and then went on for a Master of Divinity. So I get very excited for "midlifers" who decide to further their education. I want to know more about your chosen field (which field God has called you to), which college, how you are adjusting, etc. Get in touch when you have time!!!