Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Decade....

Wow! I am always amazed when I look at my last blog and realize how long it has been since I have written. There are so many things going on and God is teaching me so much that I should be writing every day. However, the day gets busy and at the end of it I think "I will do it tomorrow" only...tomorrow never seems to come--until today:)

Where do I start? Well, maybe with my 40th birthday. EEK! Am I really that old? The calendar says "YES!" and my body definitely says "YES!", but in my mind I am still in my very early 30's. The thirties were a great decade for me because that is when I found Christ. Every year after that has been filled with growth as I have learned to have faith, joy, and hope in all circumstances and learned to accept God's unconditional Love. I am looking forward to my forties as I know God has so much more to teach me and I am looking forward to becoming more like Him every day.

I celebrated my 40th birthday with my family and some close friends. It was very low key and I was thankful. I was very nervous that my family and friends would do something a surprise party complete with black "Over the Hill" balloons, but the day went by fairly uneventful and I let out a sigh of relief as I went to bed that evening. Grateful to God for the amazing life He has given me and shuddering at the thought of how I would have spent the day if I had never found Him. However--my sigh of relief was short lived.

On Friday night I walked over to Brett and Heather's house for game night with Travis and Nikki and as we approached the door I heard a large group yell "SURPRISE!" My first instinct was to run, but my son quickly, and sternly, told me "You're going in!" Travis's 30th birthday was Sunday so I was sure the party was for him and I was kinda mad nobody had told me. As it turns was for both of us.

I hate parties like that. Well, I love them for other people, but I hate them for me; I despise being the center of attention. However, I couldn't be mad. As I sat there looking around at all the people I was completely humbled by how God had blessed me with such amazing family and friends.

Lord, I know I am undeserving of all that you give me--especially my family and friends. I thank You for them and pray that You will help me to show them how much I love them and appreciate them. I am looking forward to these next 10 years Lord and pray that above all things.....I fall more and more in love with You!


Tanya Ross said...

And it was fun to see how surprised you were. lol. I love ya and I have been so blessed by you and I appreciate the support you have given me. Love Tanya

p.s. for your information, you are worth it.

Heather said...

Awww! Thank you sister! I sooo appreciate your friendship, love, and encouragement.

Love you!

Nikki Graham said...

Oh, my Love! I have not read your blog for quite some time....until now, and I remember this day so clearly! How fun it was to surprise both you and Trav! We love you MUCHO!!! :)