Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Fun!

I just read a fun blog that a friend of mine stole from another persons blog. The blog thief (AKA: Susan:) hoped that her 'blogging buddies' would follow suit and steal it, too. So, being the good friend I am, I will join her in the thievery!

The idea is to write 12 things about Christmas that you remember or you have started as a tradition. Here are my 12:

1) There were so many presents under the tree that they would literally stick out 4 feet from the bottom of the tree.

2) My grandma's cookies and my aunt's fudge

3) Men in our family always did the dishes on Christmas day

4) My mom bought my children ornaments every year for Christmas

5) We open gifts Christmas Eve. Santa came on Christmas Day. We don't do 'Santa' anymore, but I still put out stockings for the kiddo's on Christmas Day.

6) The lady who lived next door to my grandma would always leave something for me on my grandma's porch. One year she sent Santa Claus over to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve for all of us grandkids.

7) Every year my mom buys a Christmas book for me to read with the kiddo's. Last year it was 'The Christmas Shoes'. think the song is tough, try reading the book! We read Max Lucado's 'An Angels Story' every Christmas Eve before bed. It's our favorite.

8) Bagel Bites! We cook finger foods on Christmas Eve and my eldest daughter insists there must be Bagel Bites.

9) My son comes home for Christmas

10) Watching my dad try to assemble our old artificial tree. You know, the one that required you to install each branch. My dad completing the Christmas tree, wrapping it in lights, plugging in the lights, and finding that 1 strand of the 10 strands he so carefully put on....don't work.

11) Watching my children open their gifts!

12) Our first CHRISTmas....December 2001. That was the first time I realized that while I love all of the above mentioned Christmas memories, none of them really matter. It's all about Him!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. May the love of our Savior reach beyond your memories and traditions and penetrate the depths of your heart this year.


Susan said...

Thank you so much for continuing in this Christmas fun. I am really liking the one that says the men were in the kitchen.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Heather said...

You read this entirely too quick! I was in the middle of editing. I wasn't done yet!! LOL!

Merry Christmas to you!

Lori said...

Who do you think you are kidding? Susan just doesn't know you as well as I do - you're just "jealous" because you LOVE crab so much!!! LOL

Heather said...

EWWWW Lori! Although, I do miss our Red Lobster trips:) Mmmm..yummy. NO CRAB, though!!!!

Tanya said...

I love looking at all your memories. But #12 is so true. They were great memories, but with out Him it means nothing. Love ya Tanya

Lori said...

Oh I know...that was sarcasm, don't you smell it?