Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wrapped In Giggles

One of the things I love the most is the time I spend with my children right before bed. My three daughters pile into my room and we lay on my bed and discuss different things. Sometimes we discuss serious stuff and other times, well, they are just plain goofy. Last night was one of those goofy times. While Amber, my second oldest daughter, was busy trying to discuss important stuff like school, my other two daughters were busy making faces at each other and trying not to laugh. Which...they both failed miserabley at! It doesn't take much to send Jordan, my youngest daughter, into a fit of giggles and last night she had definitely been struck by the giggle bug! Of course, once she threw back her head in laughter, Samantha and Amber couldn't help but chuckle. Even I couldn't keep straight face. As I lay there watching these three girls, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with love for them. They each bring something unique to our family and I am so proud to be their mom.

I often find myself watching my children and wondering what God has in store for their lives. Sometimes I just wish He would give me a sneak preview. You know, just a small glimpse into their futures. I'm not asking for an entire overview, but maybe just some 'scenes from next week' stuff. You know like..."Next week on All of Heather's Children" stuff. What choices will they make when they don't have me looking over their shoulder? Will they spend their lives serving our Lord or will they spend their lives serving the world? Of course, I know why He doesn't allow me a glimpse into my childrens future. As soon as I found out what their futures were going to look like, I would have to put my two cents in and I would end up making a mess that, in the end, He would have to fix. Yeah, God is wise!:)

For now, I will be content with the daily glimpses into the lives of my children. I will be filled with joy when they exhibit faith and follow our Lord no matter how hard it is. I will ache when they make decisions that are outside of God's will for their lives and I will praise God nightly as I allow my children's giggles to wrap around me like a favorite blanket.

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Tanya said...

I am so glad that I am not the only parent that wonders what God has in store for my children.