Monday, October 6, 2008

My Mothers Hands.

My grandpa had 'old' hands. He was old, but his hands were always older. They were always more wrinkled than the rest of him and the skin on his hands was very thin. A scrape to his hand would cause a large portion of skin to just tear off. His hands were always bruised.

I remember when I was younger I would tease my mom about her hands. She inherited my grandpa's thin, wrinkly skin. I used to stare at her hands for long periods of time and try to smooth them out. Of course, at that time my hands were young and firm. I was so afraid I would inherit them. Last night the subject of her hands came up again. We were with friends and she was explaining why she has large purple bruises on her hands. As I sat looking back and forth between her bruised hand and my hands that were beginning to resemble them, I couldn't help but praise God.

See, those bruised, wrinkled, hands of my moms are the same hands that have hugged me when I have been at my lowest. They have reached up and dried tears from my eyes. They have fixed me lunches and bandaged boo-boo's. They have held all 3 of my children and sewn up their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. They have made halloween costumes and crafts for my house. They have held my hands while giving birth and while going through surgery. They have stroked my hair as I have laid on her lap. They have cleaned my room, done my dishes, and ironed my clothes. The have clapped for me and disciplined me. They have held me up when I couldn't do it myself and they have let go when I needed them to. They have tucked me in, felt my head for fever, and they pray for me.

I no longer dread inheriting my moms hands. As a matter of fact, I pray I do.

Happy birthday mom.

I love you.........
To the moon and back!


darla said...

This is beautiful! made my eyes leak! FYI- my hubs always guesses you or JennyHope when I start jamming while surfin my music floods my room where I sit..and its always a good song that i just have to break out my air guitar and jam a while, then read..LOL hows that for a princess? said...

This is really sweet.

Bless your kind heart.


Sharon said...

Thank you my beautiful daughter for all of those kind words. I remember those times you stared at my hands and tried so hard to smooth out the wrinkles. I love you so much. Thank you for the wonderful birthday and giving me my 3 wonderful grandchildern, you have given me many years of great joy. I love you to the moon and back, Mom

Susan said...

What a wonderful post. I pray someday that my girls will look at me the way you look at your mom. What an inspiration.