Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick to Judge

I have been astounded at the number of cases in the news about parents leaving their children in the hot car. Sadly, a vast majority of the time, those children succumb to the heat and lose their lives.

While I am ashamed of this, I must admit that I have judged those parents. I couldn't believe anybody could be so irresponsible as a parent. Obviously, that would NEVER happen to me. I am above 'stupid' mistakes. Right?

I was visiting Girlymama's blog today and received a nice, hard, God thump! You know...the one that smacks you right upside the head and knocks you off of the very tall pedestal you have placed yourself upon? Yea. One of those.

If you have ever been prideful enough to judge another parent (or anyone else for that matter) for a mistake you would NEVER make, please stop by her blog and read this post. I guarantee you will see things in a new light. Although God has been trying to teach me this lesson for about, oh, 7 YEARS, it was another reminder to me that God calls us to love......not judge.

Thank you Girlymama for the walk in your shoes. They were a little big, but I hope to fit in them when I'm all grown up:)


roxannekristina.blogspot.com said...

Ih my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness... this is so so so so so true. We really need to be careful as parents. If my only child was the one with a caretaker bent I would be uber snobby mom because that would be my only perspective. Most parents are working to the bone, trying their hardest. We do not all need to look cookie cutter for that to be accomplished, and if someone looks different than us we should be non-juegemental. There is a big difference between discernment/protecting your child and judgement. The latter makes us no different than 5th grade girls starting to get caught up in click formation (for some reason as a teacher that is when I see it starting).

Thanks for your heart,

Indian Lake Papa said...

I use to be a really "nasty" judge of other parents - I try not to anymore - I had two kids of my own - w/mama. I have a burden for children but I try to remember the parents as well.

Tanya said...

You are so right. I can not tell you the times that I got mad or judged someone for something that I ended up doing and I felt so small. Thank you for the reminder. I think I will go to God now and ask for forgiveness. Love ya from Tanya