Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Samantha!

My daughter, Samantha, works at a local grocery store as a checker. She has the privilege of handling money that comes from, well, some not so great places. There is a lady we both know who often carries money in her bra and various discussions have ensued between us regarding this woman's 'wallet'. It creeps Samantha out and, frankly, I can't blame her!

While watching Criminal Minds at 2am, when we should both be in bed, Samantha randomly turns to me and the following conversation takes place:

Sam: "I have great news!"

Mom: "You do? What is it?"

Sam: "B. H. came through my line tonight--with a wallet!!!!"

Her face was totally serious! Mine, however, was not! I couldn't help but burst out laughing at her randomness, amazing sense of humor, and ability to delight in the little joys of life.

Love you Sammie!


Melissa said...

Love this! And I know EXACTLY what a joyous occasion that must have been for Sam!

Susan said...

Love this. Too funny.