Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011

As I reflect on 2010 it feels as though it went by so quickly--like it was a mere flash of the camera. There are various snapshots of events that flood my mind, like: Samantha's graduation, our family vacation at the lake, Jordan's 13th birthday(and official entrance into the 'teens'), the Beth Moore conference with my Bible study group, and Josh's surgery and Civil Air Patrol promotions. Many of those events held both laughter and tears, but each one is cherished as 2010 ends and 2011 begins--and as I continue to reflect I am amazed at how God has worked in my life.

2010 found important friendships strengthened and other ones dissolved as God revealed the importance of having godly women in my life, but exercising caution as to who those women are. God has taught me that emotions cannot be suppressed forever and that showing emotion does not equal weakness. He also taught me that age has no meaning in His Kingdom as He used a young girl to show me the importance of listening to others and to help mend the strained relationship between my youngest daughter and myself. Above all--God used 2010 to help heal my heart of deep wounds that occurred the year before. Even though they continue to hurt at times, I can feel them closing with each passing day. It is a new year! The old has gone and takes with it anything I am willing to let go of.

In 2011 I choose to let go of past hurts. I choose to focus on the people in my life who love me and encourage me and take any focus off those who don't. I choose to be a better friend and to love others the way Christ commands me to. I choose to listen more than I speak and to not take out my frustrations on my family just because I know they will love me no matter what. I choose to take time out to notice the little insignificant things that mean more than I realize. Most importantly--in 2011 I choose to seek Christ with my whole heart and to not get caught up in the temporal things of this world. I choose to be set apart for the life God has called me to and focus on the path He has been leading me down.

Lord-Thank You for 2010 and all that You taught me and allowed me to experience. The slate feels so clean with twelve fresh months ahead, but as You have shown me tonight--those months go by quickly. Help me to stay focused on You and Your will.


Susan said...

I can't beleive it is a new year already. Marc and I have committed to lettign God lead us this year as we have many unseen changes that could be happening. I think that is sometimes the hardest thing to do, is to stop and let God's will be done not our will.

Great post. You always encourage me.

Justine said...

Thanks for writing this, Heather. I love you immeasureably! :)

Tanya Ross said...

I have learned so much from you and I am so grateful for the encouragement. I am so excited for the new year and to sit back and see what God has for us. To grow, let go and to bask in His glory.

Jennifer said...

I also have strengthened friendships with godly women in my life during this past year. You being one of them! And because of you graciously letting us have a bible study in your home, it has allowed me to become closer to other godly women. 2010 was a rough year for me and I appreciate your love and support during those difficult times. I look forward to seeing what God has instore for us during 2011 and I know no matter what it is we'll be there together through the good and bad! Love you Sister!