Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Power in the Shower

For several years I spent my mornings praying in the shower. In a house that was busy with the hustle and bustle of a morning routine, the shower was my only solitude. It was a wonderful way to start my day--I emerged from the shower feeling refreshed physically, mentally, and Spiritually. However, as homeschooling slowed down the morning pace and, especially after I left my job, my morning meetings with God became less frequent--until they stopped altogether.

This morning it dawned on me how much I miss those mornings. I miss hearing the kiddos running around and getting ready for school and all of the little conversations that took place. But, more importantly, I miss my quiet time with God. Even though I try hard to find quiet time throughout the day to spend with Him--it's not the same. The truth is--our lives have changed. We no longer have to spring out of bed and into action. As a matter of fact, often our days are spent in pajama's as we do our school work. That is one of the perks of schooling at home. However, this morning as I prepared to take a shower I felt a strong desire to spend time with God in our old meeting place.

I emerged from my shower this morning feeling refreshed and invigorated after spending some much needed alone time with my Savior. I laid some things at His feet that I had been holding onto and found a familiar comfort as the water washed over me in my make-shift Sanctuary--and I walked away with the realization that this would be the most important part of my day.

My life has changed dramatically over the past several years, but there are some things that need to remain the same--and my morning time with God is definitely one of them.

Lord, I loved our time together this morning. I love You.


Foxy Lady said...

Love it:)

Jen said...

Praying in the shower is great. Lately I have been praying and crying in the shower, only place I can find solitude, then I just let the water wash away the tears. Love you.

Heather said...

Hi Jen,

The shower is a great place for many things....singing, praying, and especially crying.

Love you, too:)

Heather said...


Forgive me, but I thought you were somebody else. I guess I am not sure which Jen this is! LOL! I know quite a few, but only a couple that go by Jen. I tried to click on your profile, but it is private. I apologize, but can you let me know who this is? :) Thanks!!

Nikki Graham said...

I miss my drives to school for the same reasons. Unfortunately, those days are over so I must find a new routine! :) Love you and love your post! :)

Jennifer said...

I also like praying in the shower! I'm at that "hit the floor running" time of my life. Thanks so much for inviting me to read your blog! You are such an inspiration and great friend! Love you!!!