Monday, January 25, 2010

Hiding Place.....

When I clean house I am a 'stuffer', which translates to:

I go around the house picking things up and stuffing them into places nobody can see. Closets, drawers, garbage cans, cabinets, baskets, boxes, etc. As long as it is out of sight! works! People stop to visit and, by all outwardly appearance, my house is clean and tidy with nothing out of place. However, lurking in places not seen by most eyes are mounds of junk that I am content to leave there until that day comes when I open the closet and can't shut the door again. Suddenly, all of my junk is exposed. No amount of stuffing will's just full! Then, I am faced with a choice......clean it out completely or take just enough out to allow me to shut the door once more. Today I am faced with that choice's not about junk.

God has shown me that I clean my soul the way I clean house. I am a 'stuffer'. I stuff all my emotions and feelings into places hidden away from most eyes.....including my own. However, there is no closet, basket, trash can, drawer, or cabinet that can conceal me from Him!, He has flung the closet door open and all my 'junk' is sitting in the open....completely exposed. The biggest part of me wants to slam the door shut and tell Him not to do that again. Only, I know Him and if I tell Him not to do it again.....He won't. And, I will be where I am right now.......which isn't a great place.

So, I have decided to clean house......completely. I will open every cabinet, closet, drawer, basket, nook, and cranny within my soul and offer all my fears, doubts, insecurities, hopes, and dreams to Him--where they should have been all along--and allow Him to be my only Hiding Place.

"You are my hiding place;
you will protect me from trouble and surround me
with songs of deliverance"
- Psalm 32:7


Tanya Ross said...

Awesome is all I can say. I am praying for you.

l.ann said...

And I can attest to her closets! Really, Sister - your thoughts and desires are in my prayers! It's difficult. Allowing God in - making us so UNcomfortable. Wrapped up in our nice, warm Cozzie, sipping SB would be great all the time, but after He's really "cleaned house" you'll be able to enjoy the SB even more! You know where to find me! Love ya!

Susan said...

What a wonderful verse. I will use this one often. Let the work begin.

Nana C said...

Closets!!!! bah humbug..... God loves to clean house and He is thourough (complete) expect showers of blessing. nana C