Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's a new year. The end of one decade and the beginning of another. I have thought about this year so many times throughout the past 18 years. I have felt anxiousness and dread at the coming of this year...and every emotion in between. But--it's arrived just the same and faster than I could've imagined. No amount of worry, fret, or dread stopped it. It's here.

This is the year that God will begin to perfect the 'Art of Letting Go'. I will see my eldest child graduate and, possibly, leave for college, my son get his drivers license, and my youngest finally go from the 'tween' years to being an 'official' teenager.

This year is going to be hard on my mommy heart. I'm so glad my heart is in good Hands!


Tanya Ross said...

I am with ya there, I am slowly letting Luke go and my daughter will be a teen next September. And I will hit forty in April. But I am not worried, God has big plans for me and I am ready to sit back and let Him drive. God bless you and I will pray for you if you keep praying for me. Love ya from your sis.

l.ann said...

I'm not there yet, but I stand in amazement that our oldest is getting her permit this year and the youngest is entering into the almost 'tween' years. It seems like just yesterday that her bare hiney was running up the alley to greet you and your parents during the summer dinner party :o) And the first time meeting your oldest [at Syd's current age] adorned in her beloved purple sweats. And let me not forget 'lil J' in her gray and pink outfit that she nearly wore out (that Syd finally finished off for her). But in the words of Elvis ~ memories, pressed between the pages of our lives ~ there are lots of 'em! Love ya!