Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Faith Like A Child....Part 1

My 10 year old daughter, Jordan, had her tonsils and adenoids removed last week. Jordan is the 'baby' of the family and definitely still my baby. It has been quite a traumatic experience for both of us. Jordan, of course, was very scared in the days leading up to the surgery. As her mom I felt so helpless. I knew this surgery was necessary and that once it was over and she was healed, it would improve her health. Knowing that, however, made it no easier when she would turn to me with crocodile tears and tell me she was scared. All I could do was give her a hug and reassure her that I would be with her when she went in and I would be waiting in her room when she woke up. While she seemed to find some comfort in knowing that, her fear of the dreaded IV needle seemed to trump my words of comfort.

Jordan made it through the surgery AND the IV and was released the next day. Before she left the Dr. made it very clear that if she did not have enough liquids she would dehydrate and she would have to go back to the hospital and have the IV put in again. Her eyes got wide and I knew that she would do what she needed to do to make sure she didn't have to have an IV again. I was wrong. Even though she was scared of the needle, she couldn't seem to make herself drink anything. It was 5 days after the surgery and she had become very lathargic and weak. I decided enough was enough and called the Dr. on day 6.

I took Jordan back to the Dr.'s office. Jordan was so scared she was going to have to have another IV that she began to cry in the parking lot of the hospital. Again, I was helpless. I was worried about dehydration and as much as I didn't want to see her have to have an IV, I was also very aware that dehydration could lead to something worse. The nurse came in and checked her vitals and Jordan said, in an almost pleading voice, "I hope I don't have to have an IV again". The nurse turned to her and said "I hope so, too, but you haven't been drinking". I could see the disappointment in Jordan's face as that was not the response she had been hoping for.

When the Dr. came in the room, I explained the situation and he immediately looked in Jordan's mouth. Turns out she has a yeast infection in her mouth which is commonly referred to as Thrush. He explained that this was the reason she was not wanting to eat or drink. He said he was going to prescribe some antibiotics and that she would not need an IV as long as she began to drink. When the Dr. left the room I smiled at Jordan and gave her a hug. I told her I was proud of her and I was happy she didn't have to have an IV again. She looked at me and said "I prayed mommy".

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