Thursday, September 6, 2007

Faith Like A Child....Part 2

I decided to make this a two-part blog for several reasons. One, because there was a lot to write about and two, because I needed to really meditate on what God was trying to show me through all of this. There were several different lessons and I didn't want to get focused on one and miss out on what God was really saying. As always, this blog will end up completely different than what I intended to write. That's OK...To God Go The Glory.........
Jordan was scared to have surgery. She was scared of the IV needle, the hospital, and everything that was about to happen to her. As I said in part 1 of this made me feel completely helpless. Truth is...I wasn't completely helpless. I could've told the Dr. that I wasn't comfortable with the surgery and refused to let him do it. However, in the long run, that would've been the worst thing for Jordan. While it would've provided her with instant relief (happiness), it would not have relieved her for the long haul (peace). It wasn't that I could not change her circumstance, I would not. I knew what was best for her in the future.

God is not helpless in our lives, either. He created the universe and everything in it. His voice calms storms and moves mountains. Our daily strife is no mountain to move for God. With one snap of His fingers or flick of His wrist He could banish all of our woes to a far off place. So why doesn't He? I believe it is because He knows that if He did we would be happy (instant relief), but if He doesn't we will find peace (the long haul). He knows what is best for us in the future.

Even though Jordan did not want to have the surgery, she found some comfort in knowing that I was there for her and would not leave her. She had faith in me.....her mother and protector.
When I am struggling with a fear I find comfort in God. I know He is here for me and He won't leave me. I have faith in Father, Protector, and Savior.

And in the end, when Jordan realized that even her mom couldn't stop that dreaded needle, she placed her faith in the One that could. She called on Jesus.

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melmac said...

Good stuff Heather! I enjoy hearing your heart. Glad Jordan is doing okay!