Friday, September 28, 2007

Stream Of Consciousness

I remember back in grade school when the teacher asked us to do a 'Stream of Consciousness'. She said we were to just write about whatever popped into our head at the moment. It didn't have to make sense, it was just to show how our thoughts trailed. So, I thought it might be fun. Here is my stream of consciousness today:

It is beautiful outside. I so wish I didn't have to be at work. I think I would rather be doing anything but stuck in the office today. OK...maybe not anything. I certainly wouldn't rather jump out of an airplane than be working. As a matter of fact, I would rather be doing just about anything other than being in an airplane. That is probably not true either. But..I do loathe airplanes. I think had God really wanted us to fly...he would have given us wings. It would be great to be a bird right now. Just enough breeze to keep you gliding. You probably wouldn't have to flap your wings as much when there is a little breeze. It would have to only be a 'little' breeze though. Birds seem to work really hard when it is windy. It would stink to be a bird when it is stormy and windy outside. I can't imagine trying to fly through a storm. Speaking of storms...I sure miss them. We haven't had one in awhile. As a matter of fact, we haven't had many this year. I guess the storm season is close to being over. It should be getting cold in the next month or so. Not today, though. Today is gorgeous. Oh, look at the dog in the back of that truck. She looks like Maddie. I sure miss Maddie. I am positive she is happier where she is, but I still miss her terribly. What a face she has. I wonder if my folks and Jordan are home yet? OOPS....I was supposed to call my mom back. I'll call her in a bit. What are we having for dinner tonight? I didn't pull anything out...but I'm not really hungry. The kiddo's might be. I'll figure it out when I get home. I cannot wait to get home. Thank goodness it is Friday. Time is going slooow today. Doesn't it always when you are working? The weekend will fly by as usual. What are we doing this weekend? Oh, that's right...leaves. I am sure that my house is the only house in Red Oak that is covered with leaves. It is ridiculous. I can't believe how many leaves are on the lawn. I've got to get those taken care of this weekend.

I was interrupted, so I will end this stream of insanity now! Sad thing is......this is what really goes on in my head most days. Hmmmmm......

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