Monday, February 18, 2008

Night at the Opera

Saturday, my youngest daughter, Jordan, and myself spent the day together. I had bought her Phantom of the Opera tickets for Christmas as a Christmas/Birthday present. Her birthday was Feb. 4th and we celebrated it Saturday by going to the theatre. I was so excited to take her. I had seen Phantom about 16 years ago and it was amazing. Jordan has seen the movie and loves it. She has every line of every song memorized. I couldn't wait until she saw it 'live'.

It took me a long time to purchase the tickets. One, because they were expensive and two, because I wanted to make sure we had great seats. We had gone to the Nutcracker in November at the same theatre and I carefully checked it out to make sure that when I bought tickets, she would have a good view. I finally decided on Balcony seats. There were floor seats available and Orchestra seats, but I thought the balcony would be better.

When we arrived at the theatre I could hardly wait. Jordan was excited, but I think I was more excited. The attendants were dressed in tuxedo's and it was just like you see in the movies. I am sure it was like that 16 years ago, but I really don't remember. I just remember loving the play.

We took our tickets to an attendant at the stairs and she pointed us to the elevator. She said that would be the best way to get to our seats. We stepped in, where a lovely little lady awaited. She pressed the button for balcony seating and we were off. The elevator stopped on a floor and we started to get off, but she informed us that wasn't our stop. We still had another floor to go. I began to get a little nervous as I didn't remember seeing a third floor when we came in November. The elevator stopped again and we promptly exited.

We checked in with the usher and she began to escort us to our seat. As we walked, I realized I had made a very big mistake. See, when we saw the Nutcracker we went with the Homeschool group and we were seated on the floor. Great seats. However, from the floor you can only see one balcony, which is not called a 'balcony', but a 'loge'. Behind the 'loge', too far back for you to see from the floor, is the actual 'balcony'. What I thought were great seats, soon became 'bleacher' seats at the ball park.

Did I mention there were main floor and orchestra seats available when I purchased my nose-bleed seats? I think I did, but I just wanted to drive that point home. Did I also mention that those tickets were the exact same price as my tickets??? Yeah...they were! I'm not as bitter as I sound. We had a fabulous time. Although, Jordan did inform me that the movie was better! WHATEVER!

Sunday, Samantha went with her school choir to see Phantom. I had wanted to take her, but the choir was going and she really wanted to go with them. Their tickets were only $33 a piece, so I kind of felt bad for her. I knew where she would be sitting (although mine were double that price).

When she came home Saturday night she was estatic. She loves the movie and absolutely LOVED the play. Not only that, BUT:

Sam- "Guess what mom!"
Me- "What honey?"
Sam- "We were seated right behind the Orchestra pit!"



melmac said...

hysterical! I'm terribly sorry about your seats but I happy for Sam. Don't you just love putting thought into things and finding out it didn't matter :)

Tanya said...

You kill me, it is kind of like the first year we went to Women of Faith. When we sat in the nose bleed section. Kids, gotta love them though. They really miss out on the real deal. I would choose the play over the movie anyday. Talk to ya later. love, tanya

Susan said...

I'm trying not to laugh but that is so funny. I am sure you had a good time with your daughter even though you were in the nosebleed section. I will try to remeber to never have you get me tickets for anything(JOKE, HAHAHA)

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh isn't that the way it goes so much of the time. We try to make it work and than this happens. I'm glad you got to go though and that the music was wonderful. I always love a live perfomance with an orchestra. It's so exciting.

Have a wonderful day. Kathi

Anonymous said...

Jordan will always remember the play with her mom noise bleed seats and all and I remember those seats at the 1st Women of Faith we went to they were a little scary going up and down Love ya, Mom

Nana C said...

Made me laugh!! Your daughter will remember this time and you can share it together over the years. I remember driving to Riverside, before Ticketmaster and getting tickets for Bon Jovi, costing $75. and the ticket in small print saying $18.00!!! Go figure!!!! Nana C

Lori said...

Nose bleed section huh? Good thing there was an elevator, after that fall you took at my house, who knows if you could have taken the stairs! And yes - Sandra-Dee is STILL in the way! Glad you girls had a great time!