Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

My house has been interesting lately. Lot's going on. I wish I could say it was good stuff, but unfortunately.....that hasn't been the case. BUT...God is so GOOD! It seems like every time we are in the midst of a storm He allows the sun to peek through and remind me that He is there.

My 2nd eldest daughter, Amber, has really added turmoil to our home for the past 7 months. Every day seems to bring a new issue. Sunday, things came to a head and finally exploded into a gigantic eruption of emotions, tears, and anger. It was not a good any means. I felt helpless, lost, and a failure. The devil was speaking loud and clear: If you were a better mother, this is all your fault, whatever happens to her...YOU are to blame. You know the voice. The voice that is louder than anyone else...including God's. Fortunately, God's 'still small voice' made it through and I realized I was beginning to buy the lie. I began to devour scripture and of course......the voice, the loudest voice, the most obnoxious voice....was silenced. Don't you just love that? Satan may be able to mess with me, but he cannot mess with the Lord Most High!

Monday night, Samantha, my eldest daughter, called me after work. She wanted to fill me in on her night and let me know that she had been asked out on a date. I asked who the boy was and asked if she was interested. She said 'No'. I don't know the boy well, but he seemed nice, so I asked her why. Her response was the response every Christian parent longs to hear......"He's not walking the walk, mom! He believes in God, but he doesn't love God. I want someone who is involved in church the way that I am." was music to my ears. It was a much needed ray of sunshine that reminded me that all of my efforts are not wasted.

Isn't God just AWESOME? Yeah, I think so, too!


Nana C said...

Those words that are precious to our ears, God whispers to us and gives us strength. You are a good Mom, and as God's child, He is the best Father for us as you are the best Mom for your children. The rays of sunshine are on their way to Iowa, God guarantees it!!!! Nana C

Susan said...

I believe that Satan can whisper such great lies to us that we sometimes don't know what the truth is anymore. Remeber we all have to choose our own walk and all you as a mother can do is guide and pray she is her own person and has to choose Christ in her time. Be on your knees and he will guild you all the way.
And Sam is just awesome tell her all the girls talk about her all the time.

Tanya said...

Your are doing the right things by going to God. He is going to straighten out your family. Because you are putting it in His hands. I love you and your family, and I know God is in you and your family. Sit back and watch Him work. And let satan know, he looses in the end of the book. He has no place in you or your family. Love ya lots from Tanya