Monday, March 3, 2008

Cats and Dogs and Rats?...OH MY!

Our winter has been pretty harsh for our area. We have had snow on the ground since November and the temperatures have been quite artic....even for me who happens to love snow and winter. Apparently, it has been too cold for the mice, too as it seems one or more have taken up residence in our home. Can I just say....EWWWW! Although I have not seen them yet, I have definitely heard them and let me tell sounds as if a squirrel has gotten stuck in my walls! I am afraid that my 'mouse' may be a 'rat'.

The easy solution to this problem would be to get a cat. Unfortunately, I already have one. She is so fat she either A) can't run fast enough to catch it/them or B) is already full enough that she isn't interested in 'meals on wheels'. So, I called my dad and asked him to get some traps.

Jordan, my youngest, goes to my folks during the day while I work. She called me while she was there and while we were talking I could hear my mom in the background asking Jordan to let me know that my dad had picked up the traps. It's important to note here that Jordan wants a pet rat. When she heard the word trap she asked me what we needed them for. I was reluctant to tell her as I knew she would want to try to keep this mouse/mice/rat in a cage. However, I couldn't lie to her. So, I told her that we had a mouse/mice/rat and that the traps would be needed to 'take care' of them. This is how the conversation went:

J- "Oh mom! If it's a rat can't I keep it?"

Mom- "No! You cannot keep the rat."

J- "Why? You know I really want one."

Mom- "Yes, I realize you want one, but they have/carry diseases."

J- "Well, Mom, we could just take it to the vet!"

Since my vet bill has become a revolving line of credit due to owning the most needy animals in Southwest Iowa, we will NOT be taking this mouse/rat to the vet. She can add this to the growing list of things I have messed up in her life. Maybe she can put it directly under the time that I refused to let her keep the bat we found in the basement. Her future counselor is going to love her. She is going to need years of therapy!


Tanya said...

Oh, I do not blame you. I could not keep a mouse or a rat. We were at a pet shop and there was a cage full of rat babies. Melanie wanted one and I told her no. They are so ugly.. I also hate mice running in my house, it makes me feel like I have a really dirty house. Talk to ya later, Tanya

Susan said...

I am so glad my kids are not pet people because I have already scarred my kids by being the meanest mother on earth. I would really be mean if they wanted pets because the answer would be no. So I guess our girls can go to therapy together.

Nana C said...

Another cat might work, they keep each other company. But no animals in cages, they smell! We miss our cat and will have a new one in our retirement home. Love Nana C

Lori said...

You know, Daniel's sister had a pet rat most of her life, his name was Happy Legs. I'm sure you can't imagine that being true. Me? I think I'd rather stick with SNAKES!

melmac said...

So my greatest irrational fear is of rodents. I could barely read your blog I was so disturbed. Therapy is healthy, rats or mice are NOT!