Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Hills Are Alive.....

Isn't music wonderful? It can bring the widest range of emotions in the shortest amount of time. Music is one of my very favorite ways to worship our Lord and I have always made music a large part of our family.

All of my children (and myself) love to sing. Samantha is particularly gifted in this area. She adores music. She will sing to anything (much like her mother) and has taken a great interest in the piano. She plays fairly well for someone who has had no formal training. Since she plans to minor in music at college I decided it was time for some lessons.

First things first.....we didn't own a piano. So, I set off on the great piano hunt. I was confident that I could find one on Craigslist and I did! It was perfect for us. It was reasonably priced and not too far away. So, we went two weeks ago and picked it up. We brought it home, put it in it's designated area and waited anxiously for Sam to begin to play.

To me, there is nothing like the sound of a piano being played in a home. There is something so endearing and warm about it. I could hardly wait for Samantha to begin. We lifted the cover and Sam sat down. She got her fingers in place and I closed my eyes in anticipation of the beautiful sound that would soon fill my home. Images of Julie Andrews twirling around the lush green mountain top filled my head.

Suddenly, I was jolted to reality. While I knew the piano would need tuned, I guess I had never heard an out-of-tune piano. Wow! There is nothing quite like it. It was awful. The simplest song sounded like a macabre piece out of the latest horror movie. My youngest daughter, Jordan, was fascinated by the piano and decided that she needed to play endlessly.

I called the piano man and asked if he could make an emergency stop at our house before we all went deaf or insane. The latter seemed the most likely. Unfortunately, his wife was having surgery and it would be 2 weeks before he could get to our lovely looking, scary sounding piano. Finally, on Tuesday, he was able to tame the monster.

Now, the hills, or at least our home, is alive with the sound of beautiful music. Well, at least when Sam plays:)


Lori said...

So, I'm curious, where did you finally decide to put it?

Heather said...

We put it in the hall. Seemed the best place for it.

Indian Lake Papa said...

How about a picture of this piano? Then I can see where the music is at! I think this is exciting! I can play a CD player, thats about it!

Heather said...

LOL...I will try to get a picture on there for you papa:)

Thanks for stopping by!

Susan said...

I need the name of that piano man we have been living with a piano that is out of tune for almost three years.