Friday, March 14, 2008

The Laughable Truth

My kids do this 'thing' that used to really bug me, but now I find it totally laughable! I thought it was something that all of the kids just happen to do, but I am finding out that there is a ring leader and her name is Samantha (my oldest).

Sammie is the QUEEN of excuses. Not only that, but she has made not-quite-telling-the-whole-truth into an art form. Let me give you an example:

Me- "Sam, is your room clean?"

Sam- "Yeah! It should be."

Of course 'it should be'! The question is....IS IT? It has only been recently that I started asking that question. The 'should be' answer worked for quite awhile. Then one, unfortunate day, I actually checked on the room that 'should be' clean. Guess what!? It shoulda been, but it wasn't! She had done a couple of things, but the room was a disaster. Needless to say, I was quite upset! However, the 'should be' answer has become a standard joke in our house.

So, in the mornings, as we drive to public school, we pray (It's a little scary for the pedestrians when I close my eyes and bow my head:). Before we pray, I ask Sam if she has remembered to put on the 'Armor of God'. She is pretty good at remembering to do it as she is dressing. If she forgets, then she lets me know and we'll do it in the car ("I'm sorry I crashed into the school officer. I was just putting on my 'Armor'!" Off to the funny farm I go!). This morning, there was a twist. This is how the conversation went:

Me- "Sam, did you to put on the Armor today?"

Sam- "Oh, not completely!"

Me- "Huh? So, you started, but didn't finish?"

Sam- "No. I was going to put it on and got side tracked."

Me- "OK, Sam. This was not a trick question. Do you or don't you have the Armor on?"

I was laughing at this point in the conversation as I envisioned her putting on the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, fitting her feet with the Gospel of peace.....Oh, look at the pretty kitty!

The simple answer to my question was 'No', but I guess if she would have answered 'No' I would have missed out on a chance to laugh mean....with my girls this morning:)


Feathering My Nest said...

That sounds so much like the excuses I hear. Very cute.

I pray with my son on the way to his public high school. I should make sure he is wearing his armor as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Hugs, Kathi

Lori said...

How funny...look at the pretty kitty. You kill me - I can just so vividly see you saying that. I have to learn to laugh like this with my kids. I haven't yet grown into the teenage years - and Amber thought it was bad with she was at our house when SHE was the 'teen', it's sometimes not a pretty thing. God is still molding me, but continually graces me!!!

Sharon said...

Your home sounds like a very fun place! I joke with my kids like that too. I am so surpirsed that I have not heard the "should be" comment, that's actually pretty clever! Keep lovn'em and enjoying them! You're a good mother!

Hugs, Sharon

Tanya said...

You are such a funny mom. No wonder the kids can tease you, they are having fun with you. I love your girls, they have such a wonderful heart. So do you. Love ya, from Tanya

Nana C said...

The full armor, wow it has been awhile since I have even thought of that!!! Shame on me. How wonderful you and the kids pray before school, I truly love it. God bless you I will pray for the amor to stay in place. Love Nana C

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOL! Your post made me chuckle! That happens at my house too...except I get "I think so"....

Susan said...

This was a great post. I love the pretty kitty part. I need to start doing the Armor with my kids that is a wonderful way to keep them focused on God first thing in the morning.