Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unaccounted Wednesday

Wednesday is the one day during this Holy Week that is not mentioned in the Bible. Every other day is accounted for. Except Wednesday.

Monday- Jesus cleared the temple of the money changers
Tuesday- Jesus' authority was challenged in the temple
Thursday- Jesus dined with His disciples and gave them their first Communion
Friday- Jesus was tried by the Jewish Leaders and Crucified
Saturday- Jesus' body lay in the tomb
Sunday- He is Risen!

Today, I find my mind wondering what Jesus was doing on Wednesday. Was He giving His disciples further instructions? Did He stay home that day and just enjoy a day of solitude? That day is, and will remain, a mystery until we go home.

I like to think that He was just hanging out and deepening His relationship with each disciple. Laughing, talking, joking, praying, loving, and teaching. Maybe this was a day that was so special to the disciples that they wanted to keep it to themselves. Maybe this was private time between them and the 'God/Man' who had come to save them. Whatever happened on this day, God allowed it to be omitted from the Bible.

Just one more question I have for my Savior when I finally meet Him face to face.


Nana C said...

Heather, the post was lovely, yes whatever the Wednesday was to them, we can be sure it was a super day!!! Recalling the song: Heaven came down and glory filled my soul He took my sins away and my nights He turned to day, Heaven came down and glory fills my soul. Love Nana C

Sharon said...

What an intresting thought! I wonder what He was doing. I am so thankful that Jesus died for me.

:0) Sharon

Tanya said...

I never thought about it either. I guess it was such a holy day that it was too unclean to mention. Someone once told me that yeshua is such a holy name that people would wash their clothes and cleanse before they would even say it. That is so awesome. I want to think of Jesus name as being that sacred. Thank you for showing that. Love ya, Tanya

Susan said...

The mysteries. There are so many. And when we get home we won't care about those mysteries anymore.

CDCVersion said...

This is an interesting thought...what did Jesus do on Wednesday? I have never thought about the days of Holy Week...what happened each day, so this was an interesting post to me. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Heather. I stopped by to visit your blog because you commented on my blog today. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi...and thank you for being a Sister in Christ, and lifting Him up so that the world may see and know the Risen Christ!