Friday, April 25, 2008

God and Me

My 2nd post of the day....boy I'm on a roll!

This weekend is going to be busy, but I am really looking forward to it. For the first time, in a long time, there is a weekend that is busy with things that are all about....ME! Well, actually they are all about God......and me:)

Saturday my day will start at (insert eye roll here) 6:00am. That is NOT all about ME! Our church is doing a rummage sale for some of the youth (one of mine is included), so we will begin our day by picking up some young men, loading some of my furniture into a truck and taking it to the church. I guess this really is for me, too since I will be the one who has to pay for my daughters mission trip if she doesn't raise enough money.

After that, I will attend the first day of my new Women's Bible Study with some dear friends of mine. You know them as Joyful Mom 6, Wilderness-Shiloh, and Nana of Eight. I am really looking forward to this (Yes, ladies...I seriously am). I was a bit apprehensive joining a women's bible study because I, well, don't usually do 'adult' groups. My passion is youth ministries and that's where all of my time is spent. Working with the youth, teens preferred, is my comfort zone. If you put me in a room full of adults and 5 teens, you will find me with the teens. I just gravitate towards them. Plus, I usually don't like women very much. These women and a spattering of others are truly an exception. God has been working on me though. Mostly through this blog and the women I have had the pleasure of meeting via the blogosphere. I just love all my bloggin sisters! So, I am anxious to be out of my comfort zone and deepen my relationship with Christ and my sisters in Him. I'll let you know how it goes. (Unless it goes bad. Then I can't tell you because, you know, the above mentioned bible study women read my blog:).

Sunday is the icing on the cake. First, and most importantly, my girls and I will go to church and worship our Lord. After church is over....we will worship some the Casting Crowns concert! My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve bought us tickets for Christmas, so we have been (not so) patiently waiting for 4 long months. I love this group and the message they spread, so I am really looking forward to it. One of my daughters decided she does not wish to attend, so my good friend, Connie, is going with us. She is our Pastor's wife, MelMac's mom, and Director of Youth Ministries at our church, so my girls are extra excited she is going. They adore her. Poor Connie! The concert doesn't start until 7pm, but we are leaving right after church so we can have lunch at Panera and grab a Starbuck's or 3 before the show starts.

See.....all about God and me this weekend.....and I'm LOVIN' it! I can't wait to post on Monday and tell you all about my time of fellowshipping with my sisters and worshipping our Lord.

I hope you'll leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are:)


Robin said...

Hi Heather!

Where is your daughter going on her mission trip? My husband is going to Alaska in July.

I don't have any out of the ordinary plans this weekend, but I'm ok with that :)

Very cool about the Bible study you joined. You know I hear from lots of women that they have a hard time in relationships with other women. Until I was an adult and found some amazing women who loved me unconditionally I felt the same way. Lets make the world a better place for our daughters and help them become the young women God wants them to be with relationships that bring HIM glory!

Darla said...

This daughter is having a Sweet 16 birthday party...I have a Bible Study I lead on Saturday mornings at my church, and work on some outreach things that are in the works...but looking forward to total day of rest, and reading and drawing close to Jesus..I love spending time with HIM most of all...longing to get to SUnday!

Lori said...


Ok, we are so NOT friends anymore! Just joking of course.

They were just here and we DIDN'T go, for various reasons! We aren't suppose to covet, so I won't, but I do Hope that you will have a fabulous - O time!

Who would choose NOT to go to the concert? Do I really need to ask?
Never mind.

Sharon said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Well, all of it except the meeting people at 6:00 am part!!! Have fun at your new study and at the concert! You will have so much fun!

Hugs, Sharon

Tanya said...

Well, I guarentee that on Monday you will be raving about Saturday's group. Ha ha, love from wilderness

Nana C said...

Yes, the Bible study will be for all of us to draw closer to God, he has placed us here as a part of his goodness to us. Looking forward to your blog on Monday. Love Nana C

Susan said...

I am so excited about Saturday the study is going to be great. M and I were suppossed to go to the concert but flaky wife forgot to buy the tickets. So have a great time for us since we won't be going to this one.

Carol - CDCversion said...

This will date me, but I know nothing about the group "Casting Crowns". Maybe not having teenagers in the house is why?? Sounds like a fun time for the bunch of you.

Funny you should say what you did about liking/not liking women very much. I have felt the same way for several years, and tried to avoid women's groups...but I'm changing. A few years ago I did lead a women's Bible study, and then early spring this year I actually spoke at a women's retreat. That was so out of my range, my comfort zone, but I said yes to God, and the weekend was an amazing weekend, and I enjoyed the women. I recently joined a weekly morning women's Bible study, but that was not a fit for me. I think you just have to be amongst a group of women you feel at home with, and it sounds like your blogging friends are a good fit for you!

This weekend...we started the morning by picking up all the old shingles off our roof and throwing them in a trailer to be hauled off. We are getting a new covered porch added to our house, and the roofing was completed yesterday. The rest of today is laundry/cleaning day and blogging time in between. Tomorrow we visit another church to represent the camp. Sort of a typical weekend for us. I'll be anxious to hear about your concert, your Bible study, and how the sale went!

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a wonderful post...I like how you wrote it! Blogging has done the same for me in almost the same's hard networking when the kids are schooled from home! I do hope this weekend is all that you hope it will be!

J said...

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Carol - CDCversion said...

Heather, as you probably know by now, "J" is a scam. I've seen it on other blogs, and it hit mine a couple of weeks ago. Trash it as soon as possible.

Feathering My Nest said...

This sounds like a wonderful weekend with the Lord and neat friends.


Heidi said...

Happy Weekend,

I get to celebrate my daughter's 17th birthday!!!

I can't wait until Sunday to praise and worship too!!!

Love ya!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

I went horseback riding yesterday - Today was family time - we celebrated my daughters birthday. did a brief post on that!