Sunday, April 20, 2008

Locks Of Love

On March 28th, my youngest daughter donated her hair to Locks of Love. I was working and couldn't be there, so my mom took her and took these pictures to capture the memory.

Jordan began growing out her hair in December 2006. By March 2008 she had plenty to donate.

OH MY baby's hair is GONE! Her loss.....somebody else's gain:)

The finished product:)

I am very proud of Jordan. This was not an easy decision for her. She was adamant that she wanted to keep her long hair. Then, one day while we were sitting at the dinner table, my cousin, Kaeleen, and I talked to her about Locks of Love. Without hesitation she wanted to donate her hair. As soon as she realized she could help somebody else, she was willing to make the sacrifice. What a big heart for a such a little girl. Well, maybe she's not so 'little' anymore, but she will always be my baby!!

Thank you sweetie for being so selfless when it comes to others. I know Jesus is proud of you.....and mommy is too:)


Carol - CDCversion said...

I'm proud of Jordan also, and her new hairstyle is cute! It's so neat to know that something as simple as a haircut (though traumatic to some!) can benefit others. Way to go, Jordan!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how wonderful! She really is sweet...and brave!!!

and here I am agonizing on whether or not to cut mine...but they wouldn't want's been colored 100 times....

Robin said...

Hi :)

Congrats to Jordan!

My daughter donated her hair to locks of love when she was 7 (one year ago). She had long cascading curls going down her back and I thought for sure she would have short bouncing curls when she was done... WRONG! Her hair is now as straight as mine, but its still cute.

I think its great that you blogged about it because more people can learn about ways to help others!

Susan said...

I can't wait for my girls to donate their hair. I think Jordan looks adorable with her new look and all the little Jensen girls think so too.

Lori said...

A and S enjoyed seeing the pic of "Litte J".

I remember A doing this too. What a wonderful thing she chose to do!

Way to go Little J!