Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is He Good?

I have a good friend who has been going through some pretty awful 'stuff'. I asked her how she was doing and she said she has been doing better because of a question her husband asked her. His one simple question to her, at a time when she was in her deepest despair, was this: "Is God good or isn't He?" At WOF, Sandi Patty posed, basically, the same question: "Do you believe that what God says is true or not?"

These questions have caused me to do a lot of thinking. Both are basically asking the same we trust Him? Sure, we trust Him when things are going great. We praise Him with Amen's and Hallelujah's when our life is sailing smoothly along the water, but what about when we hit that unexpected wave? Do you still trust Him? Is He good? Do you believe that what He says is true? If we 'name it and claim it' and 'it' doesn't He still a good God?

If God is good (say it with me...) all the time, then why are we so prone to doubt Him every time something goes wrong? Worse yet, why are we so prone to doubt our own faith or question somebody else's? The woman who is lying on her death bed while cancer invades every part of her, has been praying, in faith, for healing and a miracle. That miracle hasn't come. She isn't being healed. Is it because of hidden sin that she hasn't confessed? Is it because her faith isn't strong enough? Is it because God isn't good enough?

Is God good or isn't He? The answer is YES! God is good! Circumstances in our lives should never change the truth about who He is and who we are in Him. Does He love us? Yes! Then why would He allow someone I love to be sick or die? Maybe the same reason He allowed His Son to endure hours of just has to be that way. Maybe there isn't an answer that will ever be clear to us. Are you OK with that? Are you OK with just trusting that God is good? Are you OK not having Him or the situation completely figured out?

We have been speaking to the youth group about making choices. Everyone has choices to make everyday. It could be as simple as whether or not to shower or it could be complicated and affect the rest of your life. Our biggest choice, however, is choosing to believe that God is good and what He says is true. Even if the situation's outcome is the one that you dreaded the most. God see's the big picture. You know, the picture we're not allowed to see because we would definitely mess it up! :)

Remember, God always has the final word. Thy will be done. Not my will be done.


CDCVersion said...

Excellent post...great thoughts to consider. We all have an opinion on this. To me, God is good...all the time. I don't care what we go through, it doesn't change who He is. And when we go through the unbearable of life, He makes it bearable. Our focus has to be on trusting Him, leaning on Him, and knowing in the end He is in control. My attitude will determine how I handle the circumstance, not what God is up to. I choose to believe and stand on the premise that GOD IS ULTIMATELY AND ALWAYS GOOD!!

Susan said...

I love this because I believe that there are mysteries that we will never know about until we get to heaven But that shouldn't make us love God less it should build our faith more and we need to remember that He created the Heavens and the Earth and He will be the one who takes care of us in good and bad.

When we lost the baby last November Marc and I just kept saying to the girls that God is a good God and he is the one who is going to get us through this. Yes it was devastating to all of us but we never quit trusting God if anything we began to trust Him more that ever.

Kelly said...

Wow, greatly said!!!!!


Tanya said...

You are so right, I believe that if we focus on the promblem and try to understand it, we are missing the point. He is the word, His word manifested for us. Thank you, your post is so true. I choose Jesus. I love to see your heart!!!! God bless you, love Tanya

Indian Lake Papa said...

God has been good all the time - so far. But if I were to lose mama, my own health, I am not so sure I could say "God is good all the time". I would take a long trail ride on Amos, into the deep woods, and have a serious talk w/God. I would weep and ask "why?" He would come to me along with the Holy Spirit and I would exit the woods singing; "It is well with my soul".