Thursday, August 21, 2008

Renewing. Part 4

I chose to center these posts around a central theme; being renewed.

I looked up the word 'renewed' in the dictionary and found two meanings that described what God has been doing in my life:

Renewed: To replenish, To bring into being again

Did you catch that? To bring into being again!

I mentioned in part 2 that I was burnt out! I was. Physically, mentally, and Spiritually. I hadn't taken time to refuel myself. I was running on fumes and quite frankly, I hadn't even noticed my low fuel light was on, despite the many, many warning signs.

I am currently doing a Youth Leader Bible Study and one of the first challenges was to spend 15 mins a day being with God. No praying. No requests. Just 'being'. I did it a few times and really loved it, but, as always, life got in the way and I quickly went back into Martha mode. Then we left for the lake.

It was at the lake that God brought me into being. I was being refueled. I was being renewed. I was being prepared. I was being still. I was being restored.

but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

If you replace the word 'renew' in Isaiah 40:31 with the dictionary definition of 'renew', it reads like this:

But those who hope in the LORD
will bring into being their strength.

I sensed God urging me to dig a little more so I did. What I found is that the word 'Hope' breaks down to 'Expectation'. The word 'Expectation' breaks down to 'Wait'. AND..........the word 'Wait' breaks down to......hear me on remain inactive. Now listen to this verse:

But those who remain inactive in the LORD
will bring into being their strength.

I never wanted to be one of those 'Christians' who open their Bible on Sunday and leave it to collect dust the rest of the week. So, I put it on my to-do list. Laundry: Check. Dishes: Check. Bible Study: Check. Bible Reading: Check. God doesn't want to be on my to-do list. He desires quality time with me. He desires me to rest in Him. To be inactive, completely, so He can refuel me. I used to believe it was a sign of weakness to admit that I needed rest. God has made it abundantly clear that in order to remain strong, I must rest in Him.

Through the trials of saying goodbye to Josh and letting Amber go, I did not grow weary nor faint. God had renewed me and prepared me. He had given me the strength to say goodbye and I continue to soar on wings like eagles.


Lori... said...

Very insightful Sister! I need to 'renew' sometime soon! Maybe after the move and everything calms down and allows me to ~stop~.

I'm glad you are feeling so much Peace right now! It shows that you are 'allowing' God to be in control!

And in the words of DCW - "God USUALLY knows what He's doing".

Love ya!

Robin said...

Great post! We all need rest...

Carol - CDCversion said...

Amen, Heather!

girlymama said...

beautiful. thanks for sharing your heart with us - i'm sure that wasn't easy.

Susan said...

I love the verse that you put up. I have been looking for verses to be read to me during labor and I have now found another one. Thank you. Again I have been blessed by your openness.

Sharon said...

Heather, I'm so glad that you had the chance to renew. I can see a calm about you. This renewal came at a good time, for the things that happened when we got home and the busy months ahead. October should bring another renewal for us. Love you to the Moon and Back

Nana C said...

Well Heather, I am inspired by your post, which I went to as soon as I could after Bible study this morning. You truly have given me a boost and to seek out and rest in the Lord, to know how and what the rest is and to trust in God, He will show me. Thank you, Love nana C

Liz said...

Right on! This is exactly what God has been teaching me the last couple of weeks. It's not about a schedule, he wants it all. It makes spending time with Him sooo much easier! Love yah.
I'm updating my blog now, so check it out!

Tanya said...

Thank you, I have been so hussle that I have lost sight of that. I needed that reminder of taking time and just be in the Lord. Love ya.

Indian Lake Papa said...

The past couple of years have been a renewing process for papa - long, but not slow - very intense at times. He has really broken and has been molding me. It has been a good process. blogs like yours have helped this old man make the transition.

pb said...

Good words sister. You must have some very insightful spiritual leaders that have trained you well! ;) Seriously, God is good; it is encouraging to see how He provides for your needs. Funny how things go better when we do it His way...who knew?