Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dream On.

I began writing this blog for my children. I wanted them to always be able to read these posts and know my heart. I also wanted to make sure that I put some of our moments in writing so they wouldn't be lost forever. One of those moments....happened last night.

I had been visiting my girl friend, Deb and came home late. My youngest daughter, Jordan, was sleeping on the couch in our sunroom. I smiled as I saw her there. I remember when she was younger it was one of her favorite places to sleep. She loved that couch because it fit her just perfect. Now, not so much. Her feet hang over the side and she has to practically sit straight up while she is sleeping. My baby is growing up. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

As I kissed her, I must've startled her a little. She woke up and said 'Hi'. Not fully awake, we then had a conversation that went like this:

J.- (picture arms in air above her head as if she is saying TA-DA) "I can do it because I am beautiful!"

Me- (smiling) "Yes you are!"

J.- (smiling) "We are good at it because we are beautiful and wonderful. We always are in God's sight!"

Me- (smiling, but confused) "Yes. You are right. God thinks you are beautiful. So do I. I love you."

J.- (smiling, nuzzling under covers) "Goodnight mom. I love you, too." (sound asleep)

Isn't that a great conversation? I was so proud of her. She was dreaming about God and He was telling her that she is beautiful. My heart was beginning to swell with pride as I was pretty sure I had just talked with the next Joyce Meyer/Beth Moore sleeping in my sunroom.

So, this morning as I was getting ready for work and Jordan was getting into the shower, I couldn't help but ask her about her dream! I couldn't wait to hear more about what God had said to her. I was pretty sure that she wouldn't remember much of it, if any. But...I had to ask. I mean child had an encounter with the Lord Almighty. Did He say anything about me? Did He give you any directions for your life? Any chance we'll be getting a Target in town anytime soon?? Something? Anything? I had to know. So I asked:

Me- " you remember me coming in last night and talking with you?"

J.- "No. Not really."

Me- "Oh, well you were having a dream, I think, about being beautiful. I think you were talking to God."

J.- (excited) "Oh, yea! I was a penguin. A beautiful penguin."

Me- "A penguin? You were talking about God!"

J.- (rather admant) "Well, yea, mom! Penguins can be Christians, too! We were trying to be fabulous and our teacher told us that we were wonderful and beautiful in God's sight."

Me- (sheepishly) "Your teacher was a penguin, too?"

J.- "Uh-Huh."

Um.....maybe God was wearing a tux???????


Heidi said...

This is an exciting post. Watching God speak right to you.
J.. was being the vessel
Although she was dreaming of penguins, Jesus was reaching out to you... and to me today

Lori... said...

What an awesome post! I had tears. I had laughs. I could just HEAR you saying the part about Target!

Isn't God good! He showed you that He is in her heart. She had an encounter with the Lord that is shaping her to be the woman He wants he to be! Gives me the Bumps!

girlymama said...

so cute. i love what comes out of my kids mouths sometimes.

other times... notsomuch.

Tanya said...

How beautiful that God told her that she is beautiful. I am so excited to see that they can touch Jesus through their dreams. I love this post because it is so awesome. Thank you for sharing it. Love Tanya

Carol - CDCversion said...
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Carol - CDCversion said...

Cute post! I enjoyed reading the conversations, and the funny well as your creative thoughts while awaiting to hear what God had to say to your daughter! What a fun and beautiful family, Heather! God bless you all with His daily presence and guidance!

Carol - CDCversion said...
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Carol - CDCversion said...
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Carol - CDCversion said...

Heather, somehow my previous comment was posted four times, so I deleted three of them.

Robin said...

Cool post :)