Tuesday, May 27, 2008

O.C.D. Seriously.

My youngest daughter, Jordan, has always been 'anal' about certain things. You know, little things. For example: when you cover her with a blanket, the blanket must be laying perfect. No wrinkles. No folds. Just a perfect square of blanket with a large lump in the middle...her. Lately, however, she seems to be obsessing about more and more stuff. Now, it's important for you to know that when I say obsessive, I mean Rainman obsessive. Please take a moment and picture Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rainman. You know, hitting the side of his head, pacing back and forth, repeating "Wapner is on at 4pm". Yea. That's her.

Yesterday, Jordan, Sam, and I went shopping. Samantha will leave Friday to spend a month with her dad in California (yea, there will be a weepy blog about that later). She needed a 'nice' outfit to wear to a wedding while she is there. After trying on each outfit she would come out of the dressing room for the much needed, often dreaded 'Mom Seal of Approval'. Well, many of the tops she tried on were meant to wear with a cami/tank underneath. Sam wasn't wearing a cami/tank that day, which means her bra was showing.

Jordan is very concerned about women dressing appropriately. I love that about her. Samantha is too, though. All of my girls know that all parts of their body, exluding their heads and feet, need to be covered at all times. OK, well maybe not that modest, but pretty close. So, as Sam and I are trying to discuss the outfit currently being modeled, Jordan is standing there mumbling: 'Sam, Sam, Sam, hey, your bra is showing. Sam, do you know your bra is showing? Sam, you will have to wear something under that shirt because your bra is showing.' And she continued on and on and on. To which my ever so tolerant, always setting a wonderful lady like example, eldest daughter replied: "ARGH! I know Jordan!!!!! See, Mom! I told you she is O.C.D.!" Jordan then wrinkled her face and began to walk off saying "GOSH SAM! I was just letting you know!!!!!"

Have I told you how much I LOVE shopping with my girls??

Actually, I do. Seriously.


Lori... said...

Sydney is the same way about her blanket. It has to be just right or it won't do at all.

Our girls too, have quite the obsession with modesty, to the point, I've had to "shut them up" by expressing to them not everyone has the same convictions and they are entitled to their own opinion regardless of what WE think.

I like the underwear obsession too! K-Mart, gotta get my underwear at K-Mart...

Tanya said...

I guess I missed it, but what does O.C.D. mean? I understand the modesty thing. I am trying to get this through Melanie's thinking. I love hearing about the conversation with the girls. Funny. Love ya from Tanya

Robin said...

OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I think many of us have some OCD traits without having the disorder - I say somewhat defensively - haha In grad school I was "acused" of being OCD - of all things... But the profs picked a "diagnosis" for us all - I think it was there way of having "fun" with us.

Serious OCD can really cause problems in a persons life. Some of the traits IMHO are useful - haha.

Susan said...

This was too funny. I can so see them in the store doing this. I know all of my children have are a little OCD in certain areas so that must be why Jordan fits in so well. Tell her she is welcome here any time. LOL
Love ya, Susan

Tanya said...

Thank you Robin for telling me what it meant. I sometimes think that I have a little alzhimers.