Monday, May 19, 2008

Speaking Life.

As you know I have been doing a Bible Study for the teen girls on Wednesdays. Well, this past Saturday they spent the night at my house. It was a lot of fun and the girls all got along great. I should have known it was only a matter of time.

On Sunday, they all came to church with me. One of the young ladies and my daughter, Amber, do not get along. They had managed to avoid each other most of the weekend, but by Sunday afternoon venom was flying. It was a mess and I was angry. I was angry with both girls, but mostly with my daughter. I had hoped that she had learned to keep 'quiet'. Not so much.

Monday I was dealing with the fall out. The young lady who has been coming to Bible Study on Wednesdays told me off and then told me she would not be coming anymore and of course, my daughter feels as if none of it is her fault and that I am not backing her. I was beginning to feel very 'defeated'.

My eldest daughter, Sam, called me when she got home from school. She was very excited as she was filling out an application for the Bible college she wants to attend. As we were getting ready to get off the phone she said "Mom, you're doing a really good job." I asked her what she meant and she said "Being a mom and doing this Bible Study with the girls. You are doing a great job."

I wanted to cry as we got off the phone. I wonder if she knows how much life she spoke into my weary bones?

Thank you my Sammie! You have no idea how much I needed that! Obviously God did and He used you to speak to me. Thanks for listening to Him. I love you so very much!


Robin said...

Your daughter is ministering to you - how cool, how precious!

Carol - CDCversion said...

God knows when we need a word of encouragement...and how cool that He used your very own daughter!

Feathering My Nest said...

God blessed you just when you needed it. He has perfect timing. I'm so glad for you. You are doing a great job. Being there talking with, sharing the Bible with these girls is ministry and God will use it. Bless you Dear, Kathi

Tanya said...

I have found that when my life is too real for another person, they are the ones that walk away from God and blame me. Remember that you are a seed planter, sometimes you will see the harvest, sometimes you will not. You are where God wants you to be and it drives Satan mad. Keep walking down that narrow path, because you are further God's kingdom and He is blessing your heart. I will be at your house if you do not show up for Saturday's group, guarentee it. Love Ya from Tanya

Indian Lake Papa said...

heather - we all need encouragement. God sends others to us to do that - but we are to be encouragers as well. he loves us all!

just1reason said...

Heather, how have we not crossed paths before??! We are both at Papa's and at Tams! I am so enjoying your blog also! I have 5 kids, and up until this school year had been homeschooling (9 years!) My oldest son is also going to be going away, to Texas, to spend a month at his dads...first time ever since they have always lived down the road until now. And as for not perfect? Well, if you've been very far on my blog, I'm sure you know I know! LOL! I think I just found me a new morning coffee friend! Thanks for stopping by today!