Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100th Post Q&A.


Normally I don't blog every day. Usually it's every other day. So, tell me, why is it I wanted to blog so badly yesterday? I mean, really. It was killing me. Was it just because I couldn't? Yea. I think so. It's the 'bad girl' in me. I thought God killed her!

This blog is going to be long enough without my babbling, but I just want to say:

When I started blogging it was to keep a 'journal', so my kiddo's would have something to look at when I'm gone. It was intended to be a blessing to them. However, it has become so much more. I have connected with my 'extended' family; my brothers and sisters in Christ (singing: We are family! I got all my sisters and me.). You teach me, encourage me, challenge me, and pray for me. I never thought, in a million years, I would ever feel so close to people I have never met. Thank you! You are loved more than you could know. Isn't God amazing?

OK. Enough mushy stuff! Here are the answers to your questions:

Heidi wanted to know:

1. What calms you down the most?
Well, if I am in the midst of a 'storm' in my life and I go to God's Word, then it definitely calms me down the most. However, I must admit, sheepishly, that I often panic for a bit before opening my Bible. I have found that no thing and no person can calm me down like the Word of God.

2. Favorite meal while you are on the run?
Um. Silly girl. I never eat while running. I'll spill my food. Geez. ;) Besides, if I'm running, I am not breathing well enough to eat, too.

3. What takes your breath away?
OK....Storms. Thunder, lightning, wind, rain. I am in awe at the power and might of our Lord and it truly does take my breath away. Oh,.....the heat and humidity in the summer takes my breath away, too. Literally.

4. Can I wear white yet?
YES! Officially. It's after Memorial Day. However, I a rebel. Wear it whenever YOU want to. 'Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world' :)

5. Why blog?
Because I know you are dying to hear what I have to say. It's all about YOU folks!!!! :)

Love ya, sister!!! Your blogs inspire me!

Indian Lake Papa wanted to know:

1) How far are you from Kalamazoo?
Papa, I am exactly 587.83 miles from Kalamazoo, MI. I was very excited to find that out. I am closer than I thought. According to Mapquest, I am approximately 9 hours away from you. You never know when I will come surprise you! Keep that guest room ready!

2) When are we going tubing ?
Maybe sooner than you think:) Boy are you going to be sorry when my kiddo's and I are standing at your door someday!!!

3) What can I pray about for you?
Papa, you are so sweet. I would just love it if you would keep my kiddo's in your prayers. I have a son and one daughter who aren't following Christ and two daughters who are. Thank you for asking.

You and Mama are soooo special. I love ya bunches!

Carol wanted to know:

Why are you choosing to live in Iowa instead of California?
Heidi asked the same question down below, so scroll down and I will post the answer for both of you:)

What do you like best about the church you attend?
God is there.

What is the ONE question you have for God...the top of the list question?
I knew YOU would give me the hard question:) I have had to think about this one A LOT! I guess my TOP of the list question would be: 'How can I serve you better?' It was between that and 'Why would you create Brussel Sprouts?'

Carol, I love your heart. You challenge me daily, friend! Love ya!

'Annonymous' wants to know:

1. Have you ever felt convicted by the Holy Spirit about coveting thy neighbors husband, boxer shorts and all?
Um. NO! Even the Holy Spirit understand my coveting. I mean, really.

2. What is the approximate airspeed of the North American Warbler?
Faster than the speed of light. More powerful than a locomotive. Oh, wait. That's Superman. Sorry.

3. In your own words, please define a 'dingle-berry'.
Dingle-Berry is a berry that grows in Australia. See, one day a man named Jack was walking down a path eating some berries. All of the sudden a pack of wild dogs came out of nowhere and began growling and barking at Jack. They seemed to want his berries. Jack was very hungry, though and did not want to give them up. Suddenly one of the dogs attacked him and they all began to 'nip' at Jack's hands. Finally, the dogs managed to pry the berries from Jack's bloody hands. As the dogs ran off, Jack jumped to his feet and shouted: "A dingle's got my berries!" (in the most adorable Australian accent you have ever heard:). To this day, those berries are called 'Dingle Berries'. Duh!

4. Can you guess who's questions these are?
Well, if you hadn't posed the first question I may have had a hard time with this, but there is only ONE husband I covet.....and it's YOURS! :) (or it's YOU....if this is DCW:)

Your friendship has always meant the world to me. I love ya, sister. Give DCW a 'wedgie' for me:)

Girlymama wanted to know:

favorite movie?
Seriously. This is a hard question. I have sooo many. So, I will give you a few: Pride and Prejudice (still waiting for Mr. Darcy...sigh), Facing the Giants, The Guardian, Hitch, Twister, and sooo many more!

favorite book (can't say Bible - i mean summer reading book :-)
You stopped me in my tracks on this one because I was SOOO gonna say my Bible. Honestly, I don't really read anything but my Bible. I don't get a lot of time to read, so I have to make time daily to be in the Word. Any time that I get.....I spend it in the Bible. However, if I do find time to read other books...I LOVE Max Lucado. I think he is an amazing writer.

I have sooo enjoyed your blog! It always gives me a good chuckle! AND....thanks for 'sniffing' Colin for me:) Love ya, sister!!!

Heidi wants to know:

Iowa....what keeps you in Iowa?
I was born and raised in California and moved to Iowa when I was 27. I LOVE it. I found God here. My family is here. My friends are here. I absolutely LOVE the changing of the seasons (spend one Fall here and you'll be hooked). I know who my kids are hanging out with. I feel safe. As a single woman and mom, I can afford to live here. It is a much safer place to raise my kiddo's. Um. I like corn. A lot. Slower place. Fewer people. NO traffic:) Seriously, I could go on and on.

Heidi, I am thankful that the Holy Spirit led me to your blog. He has used you and your story to teach me about myself. If you ever want to 'get-away' from it all......I have room for you:) Love ya!!

Kathi wants to know:

1.How did you become a Christian?
You know, I'm not sure..LOL! My children had been going to AWANA at a local church. One of our neighbors had been taking them. My kiddo's began asking me questions about God that I couldn't answer. Then, Sept. 11th happened and my aunt passed away in 2001. I decided it was time to go to church and find out about this 'God'. Really....I was going for the kids. I wasn't sure what I believe about God, but I wanted them to be able to make up their own minds. Yea. Not quite what happened. I walked into my church for the first time and I felt the presence of God. I knew I was home. I knew I would never be the same. I remember crying when I realized He loved me just as I am. I was right.....I've never been the same:)

2. How do you earn a living?
Currently, I work for an insurance company. I am a licensed agent assistant. I believe God has other plans for me, though:) I am thankful for this job, but my desire is to be home with my children. We'll see.

3. What's your favorite food for dinner?
My very favorite dinner food is steak (cooked on the grill), baked potato, and corn. OH, and a biscuit:) YUMMY!!!!!! I'm hungry!

4. What's your favorite movie?
See response to Girlymama:)

5. What's your favorite Bible verse.
Wow. I have sooo many. very favorite is the one that God gave me at a time in my life where I was very distraught. I am an only child, so 'waiting' is not a gift of mine. And you know God is ALL about 'waiting'. Well, I was in the midst of a trial and really wanted God to give me a clear answer. It seemed to be taking forever. As I was crying out to him one day, I clearly heard him say...."Be still". I knew He was telling me to let go of the situation and quit worrying about it. So, in that moment....I gave it to Him. I let it go. The next day....I had my answer. So, in short: Psalm 46:10.

6. (Personal) You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to. I'm just curious. Are you a single mom by choice in example: Never been married adopted all four, or was there a husband? If so, does he help you raise the children?
Kathi, I have no problem answering this, but the answer is long. Tomorrow, I will post my testimony. You will know more about me than you ever wanted to!!! :) As far as the children's dad helping me raise them.....he lives in California and has our son. So, yes.

Kathi, thank you for your sweet spirit. Your love for your family shines through and draws me in. You are such a good wife and mom! What a blessing you are! Love ya!!

Sharon wants to know:

What was your best friend's name in 1st grade?
OK. Sharon. Have you ever seen 'Finding Nemo'? Well, I'm Dory! I'm lucky to remember my address. I have seriously thought about it and I don't think I had one. The only one I could think of was Gary Walsh. We were buddies. AND...I thought he was cute. BUT...we were buddies. My mom and dad would always call him 'little Gawy'. Drove me nuts. Now I do it to my kids. However, I don't think it was 1st grade. I think I was a loner. A rebel. A geek?

Did you ever belong in a club as a child? If so, what was the name of the club and what was it's purpose?
Um. Yea. It was a club started by my two friends and I in 5th grade. It was called 'The Flower Club'. No! We weren't horiticulturists. We just liked 'flower' names. So, we all adopted names of flowers as our own. I think my name was Rose. Which disturbs me because my youngest daughter wants 6 girls and wants to name them ALL Rose. Yea. Like George Foreman. OK....I had totally forgot about all of this! Anyway, our purpose was very noble and worthy! We wanted to raise enough money to..........are you ready.......................send the WHOLE club, all THREE of us, to DISNEYLAND! Yes. We were fundraising for a personal vacation! OH MY GOSH! History is repeating itself! My eldest daughter suggested we do fundraising so we can take a DISNEY CRUISE next year!!!!!!! Who knew, when we started the 'Flower Club' that it would cause a generational ripple????????? Freaking out. Seriously. This is soooo weird. Leave it to you, Sharon! Oh, and THAT is my mom's name, by the way!!!! HMMMMMM....

Did you ever fall in love with one of your teachers???
Not love, just lust. Sorry, but it's true. My high school history teacher was Mr. Matthews. Yea. He was a hottie. I must've liked him A LOT! I flunked his class 3 times. Mmmm-Hmmm.

Sharon, I just love you and Kathi. What awesome examples of God's love you are for your families!! Love ya! OH...and WHEN are you going to adopt me as your 'other' sister????? ;)

Lori wants to know:

If you could meet one person, besides Jesus, who would it be and what are the top three questions you would ask him/her?
Sister, I am sooo sorry, but I can't answer this. This was a question on a blog that I read yesterday and I have been thinking about it ever since. I just don't know. I will continue to think about it and let you know in a later post! Awesome question, though!

It has been so amazing watching the transformation the Lord has done in your life. You inspire me to always try to be the woman God intends me to be! Thank you, sister!!! I love ya!

I hope you all (or ya'all) enjoyed this. I know I did!!!! Thanks for the questions and thanks for reading my ramblings!!!!!


darla said...

I missed ask and tell...dang ole stupid comcast, and no I am bumming...

I have missed you ! Love you Princess!

Carol - CDCversion said...

These were a great set of questions, and I loved all your responses...serious and tongue-in-cheek. I look forward to your next post - your testimony. I loved how you were personal with each blogger and encouraged each of us with something sincere from your heart. That's why you remain one of my favorite bloggers...I check you out at least twice a day just to make sure I don't miss anything! Did you say I needed to get a life? You got that right! Grin.

lauren said...

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Again, thanks for blogging!
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Lori... said...

I agree with Carol, about sharing from your heart with each individual! I want for you to go over to my blog and pick up my "Garden Woman Award" (on my sidebar) for going the extra distance! Thanks Sister!

Heather said...

@Darla- I've missed you, too Princess. Your blog always amazes me! So full of scripture. It's like a daily Bible reading~!!!

@Carol- Ah, thanks:) I love your blog, too and check it multiple times a day. I don't always comment because sometimes...I just need to meditate. You teach me A LOT! You're such a Titus 2 woman!

@Lori- Thanks for the award sister!!!! I will wear it proudly:)

Robin said...

Great post Heather... Just sad that I missed asking a question my life was running too fast and I missed it...

I might just come up with a question later and send it to you anyway.

Thanks for being you, Heather!

Heather said...

@Robin- You can ask me anything, anytime. I will always answer!!!! Love ya, sister!

Feathering My Nest said...

Thank you for answering so many questions including the personal one. I'm sorry you had many difficult years. I'm so happy and thankful that you found the ONE true SAVIOR. He will meet your every need (I know you already know this), and I look forward to the day you announce that Jesus brought Mr. Right into your life. God bless you "Adopted Sister." Hugs, Kathi

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