Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Falling Apart

As most of you have probably heard, the state of Iowa is falling apart. Storms, Tornado's, and Floods....OH MY! 89 out of 99 Counties have been declared disaster area's due to the flooding and we have seen more tornadic action than we have in two decades. It makes for some very 'exciting' evenings! My bloggin' buddy, Carol, sent me an email to make sure we were OK, so I thought I would update y'all.

Our small town has been blessed (must be all those prayers from YOU:). Although some of our fields have taken some major blows, our town has not. We have come close to sand bagging (a word that I didn't even know a definition for until I moved to Iowa) a couple of times, but so far......the water seems to recede at just the right time. What a blessing!!!

I am attaching a link so you can see the tornado (just click on tornado and it will take you there) that had us cowering in our basements. When you watch the video, please excuse the one curse word. Ahem. When they speak of Montgomery County....that's us. When he talks about debris, that is because it was ripping through a home. Praise God noboby was hurt or killed. This tornado was West of us and headed in our direction. diminshed before reaching us.

Thank you, my friends, for praying for us and asking.


darla said...

Sweet thing! You are so much in my prayers...if I can do anything for you email me. Love you Princess and Jesus loves you even more :)

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh my goodness your state needs our prayers. I will pray right now. Hugs, Kathi

Lori... said...

Wow! I have't seen one of those things for SO long! I know it's scary there, but it sure is neat to watch from a distance (a long one). Y'all (that a Texas word) are in our prayers! Loves!

Carol - CDCversion said...

I sat and watched the whole ten minute video, wondering what all I was going to see, and if they were going to get backed out of there in time or not. Scary things when you are in the midst of them, but cool to watch from a distance!

Ahd, hey, I even checked out Carol's blog. Grin!

Carol - CDCversion said...

Okay, the last two comments I made on your site I did not spell check, and I got caught both times. Sorry bout that!

Robin said...

Glad you are doing all right and that you are safe. I missed this post earlier.