Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little Mood Swing.

When my son, Joshua, was young he was quite a handful. (OK. Who am I kidding? He still is:) Anyway. One day, in particular, he was acting more obnoxious than usual and I was fed up! He had gotten in trouble for something and he was crying (he was about 2 1/2 years old). I looked at him, completely irritated, and said "Joshua! Why can't you be good?" His answer, spoken through sobs, was:

"Somebody stole my being good!"

Isn't that hyseterical? Needless to say, I couldn't stay angry with him any longer. He was always trying to get out of stuff and this time.....well, there just wasn't anyone around to blame it on. Oh, except for the 'somebody' who 'stole his being good'. He was quite the fibber back then! Or was he?

What if 'somebody' did steal his being good.

Jesus said in John 10: "The theif comes only to steal, kill, and destroy."

That 'somebody' that my son was referring to, even if neither of us knew it at the time, was Satan and Satan only comes for three reasons. Those three reasons can be reduced to one.....Satan comes to 'steal our being good'. For if he succeeds in that, he will succeed in all.

Oh, how I hate him. He has wreaked havoc in our house. He has tried to steal, kill, and destroy my family. But...........he has way under estimated the Stronghold of the Father's grip! So I only have this to say to him:

Bring it on!
Take your best shot!
You won't win!
You have been defeated!

You can knock me down, but He lifts me up. You can rip my wounds wide open, but He heals them. Every time you throw a punch, He takes the brunt of it, so I am never down for the count and with every jab all you are doing is bringing me closer to Him. Him. The One Who gives life. The One Who truly loves me. The One Who defeated YOU!


What started as a nice happy post took a small turn.

Um. Prozac, anyone?


Heidi said...

Man.. what is it with kids??

I love what he said

"someone stole my being good!!!" I need that plaque sister.

Love you bunches

Heather said...

@Heidi- You and I both need that plaque! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Heather, You will defeat everything Satan is trying to throw at you. God watches over you and gives you the tools to fight satan, just keep wearing your armer, things will get better. Seems like I remember making a be good and sending my Josh. Love you to the Moon & Back Mom

Carol - CDCversion said...

Wow, Heather! Preach it girl! I am with you...I HATE - DESPISE - CANNOT TOLERATE the deceiver, the one who steals our being good, the one who destroys our families. You said it well, you said it strong, and I stand with you against the enemy!

I love your post...a great devotional entry...you should submit it to a magazine!! What a cute intro with the words out of a mouth of a babe, and then how eloquently you applied it to scripture. Have you considered preaching? Evangelism? Writing a book?

I LOVE your blog! Keep it up, keep being real with us, keep lifting up Jesus, and knocking down the devil! You are a winner!

Nana C said...

Miss you girl. How about a t-shirt with that logo: Someone Stole My Being Good. Cute, have a great Thursday, Love Nana C

Tanya said...

Prozac, like you need it. You have something more powerful, Jesus with a captital J. I mean, can prozac give you peace that surpasses all understanding, grace and mercy. I think not. And about that thing called Satan, you can just shew him straight back to hell. How awesome is that. I am so glad that we have a redeemer who can do all that. So, in the word of Mophious, pick the blue or the red pill? Love Tanya

Heather said...

@Annonymous (aka: MOM)- I know that Satan is already defeated and I know God gives me everything I need to defeat him daily. He is just REALLY irritating lately!! Totally forgot about you making Josh a 'be good'!!! Funny! Love you to the moon and back, too:)

@Carol- I just love you, sister. You are such an encouragement! Thanks for standing in the gap!! Love ya!!!

@Nana- Miss you, too. I need a shirt that says: Someone Stole My Nana! :) Love ya!

@Tanya- LOL! You are too funny! You know Who I rely on. Pills of ANY kind could NEVER give me what I have in Him! I was just making fun of my 'mood swing' that I seemed to have. This post truly started out as a story about Josh and at some point God began to speak to me about the 'someone' who literally tries to steal our being good. Funny how He speaks, isn't it? Love ya, sister!

Susan said...

Love the mood swing. Sounds like me.

Robin said...

No need for Prozac...

It's just life on earth...

One day we will be with Jesus...

Jesus Reigns!