Friday, June 20, 2008


Warning: This is going to be a very random post. I don't really have enough 'stuff' in my head for an entire post, so I will give you some snipets.

My youngest daughter, Jordan, is returning from camp today. I am very anxious to see her. I was a little apprehensive letting her go to camp this year because of all the storm activity. God is good, though and storms ceased this week. Until last night. Nothing major though. Just some good thunderstorms. God knows that my mommy heart just couldn't take it!

Pet peeves. We all have 'em. Some of them are more justified than others, though. Some people's pet peeves are drivers who cut them off. That is a justifiable pet peeve. For the love of Pete, somebody could be killed. Mine, however, is slightly less justifiable. I love fountain pop. It just tastes better to me. So, I go to the convenient store to get one and I have a choice of a 20oz pop or a 32oz pop! OK. 20...not enough. 32....way too much. Seriously. Isn't there an in between size that this store could carry? If so, I haven't found one in my town. They are ALL like that. Argh. See. I told you. Less justifiable. OK. So what is yours?

My eldest daughter, Samantha, called me at work this morning. She is in California visiting her dad. I was on the other line, so my boss took a message. I called her back and she was in tears. I thought something awful had happened. I asked her what was going on and she said she just needed to hear my voice. Apparently she had a dream that I had died. She woke up crying and was still crying when I called her back. For the first time in my life, I wish I was a superhero. Stretch Armstrong to be exact. If I could have stretched my arms 2000 miles, I would've been the happiest mom on the planet. She was relieved to hear I was OK. I will remind her of that when she rolls her eyes at me next time;)

As I have studied the book of Isaiah over the last 8 weeks, I have come to one realization: God loves us! OK. I know that's not profound or new, but He really loves us. The best part about that love: There is nothing we can do to lose it. Isn't that amazing? Even when we are at our worst....He loves us the same because He is always at His best. Actually, I have come to several realizations, but today this is the one that has resonated in my heart. It's nothing I haven't known. It's not new news. It's just unfathomable. 7 years after finding Him, I am still totally in love with Him.


Tanya said...

honestly, knowing that God loves me, makes a huge difference. I have really enjoyed doing this study. I am so blessed and I know that it is not about a feeling, just knowing. Love your randome post. Love Tanya

Carol - CDCversion said...

I enjoyed reading a little bit of this and a little bit of that...the random post...a day in your life. Glad you were able to reassure your daughter. How much longer before she comes back home? (the one in CA).

Pet peeve...a person not following through on what they say. I love integrity...just be a person of your word...or don't say you're going to do such and such, and not do it. Integrity is rare, in my opinion.

Robin said...

Awe... I wish I could give you superhero arms...

God is great - All the time...

Nana C said...

Yesterday we were in Oceanside at the beach with family and I am always amazed at the ocean. The beauty and power is like a great healing of soul and body, it reminded me of the renewal we get each day with the love our Father gives us, that endless tide of love, beautiful and powerful. a great post heather. Love ya Nana C

Simplifying me said...

HE is amazing.....and that word doesn't describe Him well enough.

Simplifying me said...

Love your sunflower picture too. Very nice remake.

Susan said...

That was neat how you stated that you still have that love for Him that you had at the beginning. I loved this last session and I find myself telling HIm I love Him all the time. I have really enjoyed spending Saturday mornings with you. I pray this will continue.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Very random and very DD was only gone for a weekend and she called me cuz she missed me...and she's 15!! It makes you feel good doesn't it?

Wasn't that Mother in the Incredibles pretty stretchy? We all need to be like that.


Heather said...

@Tanya- I am enjoying this study, too! Lovin' it, actually! Lovin' you, too:)

@Carol- My girl is coming home TODAY (06/25)! YIPPEE!!! I totally agree with your pet peeve. Integrity is a very rare character trait and I am in complete awe of those who possess it! Love ya!

@Robin- Awe...thank you sister. God IS great ALL the time! Love you! Praying for YOU!

@Nana- Missing you more than you know! Love you!

@Heidi- Thanks for the compliment and as you can see...I've changed it again:) I like change. Well, in SOME area's!! LOL! Love and HUGS!

@Susan- I have been so blessed to do this study with you and the gals on Saturday. Thank you for inviting me. I truly look forward to it. Love ya chickie!

@Robin- Oh, I soooo wanna be like that mom in the Incredibles! Yes. She WAS stretchy. Wouldn't that be very cool?! Love ya!

Carol - CDCversion said...

You probably told us what your Bible study is about back in the beginning, but if so...I've forgotten. I know it's a Saturday Bible study, and it's a women's Bible study. What is your topic or book or author or...what are you studying? Wish I was there...sounds like a great group of ladies (and so many bloggers in one group?).