Friday, June 27, 2008

God's Sense of Humor

Last year the girls, my dad, and I took a road trip to California for my son's 8th grade graduation. It was a great trip and it was good to be back in the Bay Area for a visit.

We rolled into Reno, Nevada very late. I always get excited when we get to Reno because I know that we are just a few hours from 'home'. It is also quite a sight to go from a dark, desolate highway into a small town exploding with lights and action. It's as if you have stepped into another world. None of my children had ever seen Reno, so I tried to wake them up. The only one I could rouse out of a coma was my eldest daughter, Sam. She was pretty impressed with all the lights. She also knew that Reno was known as a 'party' town because of all the casino's and general 'naughtiness' that typically permeates the city.

As we were driving there was a small car in front of us that ran a red light. They were traveling at a pretty good speed considering we were in the heart of town. My dad and I were commenting on this person's questionable driving skills when Sam piped up out of the backseat with: 'He's probably drunk!' Immediately I went into Christian mom mode: 'Samantha! You shouldn't judge people like that. Maybe something's wrong and he's in a hurry. Just because we're in Reno doesn't mean everybody who does something wrong is drunk!'

Just as I am completing the last part of that sentence we pull up next to the same guy who is now sitting at a red light. As we look over to see who this crazy driver is, I can't believe my eyes! This man, who I have just tried desperately to defend, is guzzling a beer! Which, of course, prompted my humble-teenager-who-already-thinks-she-knows-everything to laugh hysterically while chanting 'I told you so!' Yea. Thanks guy.

Here I was, trying to do the right thing. Trying to teach my daughter a valuable lesson in judging others and it fell apart right before my eyes. As I rolled my eyes towards Heaven, in complete rebellious teenager fashion, I felt like Jerry Maguire: "Help me, help You God!!" I believe God has an awesome sense of humor. I also believe that I may have been the butt of his joke that night. Hmmm. :)


Indian Lake Papa said...

Lesson learned! Ha! I still tend to give the benefit of the doubt! Maybe he was in a hurry - maybe he was running out of beer!

Heather said...

PAPA YOU'RE BACK!!! YEAH!!!!! OK. That was tooooo funny! Running out of beer. You crack me up! I have missed you and Mama. Glad you are home! Love ya!!!