Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prayer Please

By now, most of you have heard about the Boy Scout camp in Iowa that was hit by a tornado last night. Well, one of the boys, Ben, who was killed is the son of a friend of one of my girlfriends. I also just found out that Sam is from our Omaha homeschooling group. Please keep the families of these boys in your prayers:

Sam Thomsen, 13
Josh Fennen, 13
Aaron Eilerts, 14
Ben Petrzilka, 14

May God give comfort and peace to those who mourn.

Thanks for praying.


Nana C said...

Prayer, we have it, thank you Jesus! The family of Ben's and his many friends can rest knowing that we are all holding hands together, our heads bowed and feeling God's love!!!! God has blessed us all. We love you Heather nana C and papa

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry for the families of those dear boys. I will pray for them. Kathi

Carol - CDCversion said...

Heather, I thought of you immediately when I heard how bad the tornados were in Iowa, and about the boyscout camp being hit. You just posted about a tornado last week, and they just keep on coming! My husband is a camp director, and he said tornados are a camp's worst nightmare. How do you possibly guarantee everyone's safety? You can't! Our hearts go out to those families who have lost their sons, or have family members injured at that camp, and to the camp directors and leaders. This is not going to be easy for anyone involved. We just viewed a video on about the camp hit. I'm glad you are safe again, this time, and I grieve with you over the loss of these young lives. This is sad, sad, sad. May Jesus comfort them in their sorrow as only He can. Our prayers are with all of the ones involved.

girlymama said...

oh my word... sending prayers!

darla said...

praying! God is faithful, and I don't know how, but I know HE will take the bad and make it good! I bank on it! Love you Princess!

Robin said...

How sad...praying for God's work through this situation beyond our comprehension.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Heather - be sure we are praying! The other day we had warnings here at the camp. Carol's husband was out warning everyone - just a scary situation.