Wednesday, January 23, 2008

His Call

This week is "Missions Week" at our church and I have been moved in ways that I never expected. We have been blessed to have two missionaries from Turkey visiting us and it has been amazing hearing their stories of hope, fear, blessings, love, and God's continual faithfulness.

I think what has struck me the most about this week is how much these two people genuinely love the people of Turkey. When I found out they were back in the U.S. one of my first thoughts was: "They must be really happy to be home". However, last night some ladies from our church gathered to listen to 'Stacy' speak of her experiences and she made it clear that she really did not want to come back to the States. Turkey is no longer just their mission has become their home. They have a business, they have a residence, and they have made friends. Their life is there now.

All of this is beyond me. God has not given me a heart for over sea's missions.....yet. I don't know that He ever will. However, I can say, that He has peaked my interest. Listening to 'Stacy' speak...I felt compassion for those in other lands. As she described life in Turkey, I found myself trying to visualize their life and, for a brief moment, I desired to see that life up close and be amongst their unfamiliar culture.

I don't know what God has in store for me in the future, but I do know that there is a vast mission field in my neighborhood, in my work place, in the grocery store, and with each person He brings me in contact with. No contact is an contact should be wasted. I have always looked at missionaries as the 'chosen ones'. To be honest, I have always been a little envious that I haven't been called to be a missionary. At the same time, I have been estatic that He hasn't asked me to leave my comfort zone.....or at least I haven't heard Him ask.

Today, I am a little uncomfortable as I realize.....I am a missionary. I may not be a missionary over sea's, but I am a missionary called by God Himself. I am not equipped, but I know He will equip me as I set out on unfamiliar ground.....being obedient to His call.


Tanya said...

Heather, also remember that you are a missionary to your children. You are building an army every day through them. And also with each conversation with others you are building up God for them. I am amazed when I hear a missionary. I love their stories and their love for the people they are with. That is what makes a wonderful missionary. You are great and he knows it. love ya!

Nana C said...

Heather, I so enjoy reading your blogs. Today I met a woman at the coffee shop and she was drawing pictures for her new magazine. She gave me some advice for writing my book, I noticed her bracelet, purple color, which I love WWJD and GWGW God's will God's way on it. I have one now, she said I will give you one if you will wear it and I do wear it.God gives us wonderful people who come in and out of our lives. Continue to be a missionary in the world God has for you, his plans. Nana C

Susan said...

Heather you are so right about you being a missionary. We can't be envious of anybody's calll from God. We all have tohave a different call or would his Kingdom be built. We need missionary's all over and this great country we live in needs them desperately. You are right God will equip you and he will do a mighty work in you and through you.