Monday, January 21, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

My girlfriend, Tanya, at Wilderness-Shiloh has tagged me. I am supposed to write 15 things about myself. So, I thought I would shake things up a bit and write 15 things that you, most likely, do not want to know about me:) ENJOY......

1) When I was younger I absolutely hated for my hands to be soft. And, if, by some miracle, they became soft...I would lick them.

2) I love vaccuuming because I like the lines in the carpet. I am convinced that if the room is vaccuumed good won't notice the 9 inches of dust on the tables.

3) Brussell Sprouts make me gag...literally. They smell like feet and I am willing to bet...they taste like feet. Dirty feet. Feet that have been in sweatsocks after playing P.E.

4) I loathe hair. You know...the stray hairs in the shower, in the sink, the one that gets stuck to the wall as if it has tiny fly-like feet and is completely wind resistant as it clings for dear life.

5) When I was young, my cousin and I were at a rummage sale with our mom's and she saw this little bunny soap set that she wanted. Since she wanted it.....of course, I had to have it! So...I ran to my mom and got money first and bought it. She cried. I was happy.

6) One year, on my birthday, I talked this same cousin into telling me what my parents got me as a present....A Farrah Fawcett head that allowed me to style her hair. Later that evening, she angered me. I told my mom that she told me what they got me and my cousin got in trouble by my parents and her mom. She cried. I was happy.

7) I was in love with Shaun Cassidy and convinced I would marry him. I owned the Shaun Cassidy guitar and a satin pillow case with his face on it. I also had the really cool poster of him on my wall that came out of the Da-Doo-Run-Run album. I hung it next to my Farrah Fawcett poster.

8) When I was 6 or 7yrs old, I wanted to change my name to Luthae (pronounced: Louthay). I had a friend who was older and she wanted to change her name to a spanish name. She wanted her name to be Lupe. Since she wanted that name, I was convinced that was the absolute cooolest name in the world. So, when she suggested I change my name to Luthae..well...that became the 2nd coooolest name in the world. My parents wouldn't allow me to change my name. I cried. They were happy. They still bring it up today. Yeah..very funny.

9) When I was in first grade we made a Christmas countdown chain. You know, the red and green chains that you hang and cut one link off until Christmas comes?! I used to cut two links off. I thought it would make Christmas come faster. I was wrong. All it achieved was laughter from my parents.

10) I love socks. Soft, comfy socks. Much like a child loves their 'binky'.

11) I despise flying. I believe that all airline pilots are secretly angry that they didn't make it into the Blue Angels and they take it out on us innocents who happen to board their plane. I refer to all pilots and co-pilots as Maverick and Goose.

12) My favorite desert is Creme Brulee. can't be made in the microwave, so I'm in no danger of eating it often.

13) I don't like Slinky's. I think they are dumb. They don't walk down stairs the way they are supposed to and sometimes they pinch your arm hairs. Really....why would you give your child twisted metal to play with?????

14) I love the smell of gas. Fuel. Not natural.

15) I sported two haircuts when I was young. While I wanted hair like Farrah Fawcett or Jaclyn Smith, what I got was the Dorothy Hamill and the Toni Tennille. They were similar cuts and both required me to stand in the bathroom for 1/2 an hour while my mom curled all of my hair under. I was such a geek!


Susan said...

You definitely do not want to come to our house. There is stray hair al over our house. It drives me crazy too but I can't shave all their heads.

Tanya said...

Heather, I now know alot about you. I also loved Shawn Cassidy, I watched all of his shows. I hate brussel sprouts and they do taste bad. You are so funny, I got a good laugh from the pilots. When you are in the Army, you fly alot. See ya.

Nana C said...

Funny you should talk about Shawn Cassidy, I saw an old episode on TV Land station the other day and forgot how long his hair and total 70's were!. I hate brussel sprouts, but like cabbage! I hate the hair that sticks in the bathtub drain the most. Yuk....... I have to pull it out with twizzers, anyway Nana C