Friday, January 11, 2008

Bearing Fruit

Raising children is a tough job. However, raising children as Christians, in today's society, makes the job even tougher. As a mother of 3 girls, one of the topics we speak of often is dressing modestly. Driving through the high school parking lot is quite an eye opener (in more ways than one) and I often wonder if what I am teaching them at home is being applied to their daily lives.

I have always believed you could judge the fruits (good or not-so-good) of a child by the way they act and behave when they are with other children......away from you. Unfortunately, opportunities to 'spy' on your children while they are engaged in play with others, do not come very often. I am so grateful that God allowed me one of those rare opportunities the other night.

I was at my girlfriends house and our girls were downstairs in the family room playing American Idol (karaoke) on the Playstation (one of my addictions:). Well, in this game you get to choose characters and I must say that some of the clothing these characters wear are less than becoming....even for a video game 'girl'. There are quite a few low cut tops, complete with cleavage, and short skirts. You know, basically the junk that we are supposed to consider 'trendy'.

I could hear my niece and my youngest daughter, Jordan setting up their players. My niece picked hers and was scrolling through the characters so Jordan could pick hers. What I heard next almost brought me to tears (NO! It wasn't their singing:). I heard Jordan tell her friend (and not just any friend, but one of her best friends) that she didn't want to be that character because she was dressed.........'inappropriately'! YES!

It is in times such as those, when God allows me a glimpse of His children applying His Word to their lives, that I am reassured that I have chosen the right path. There are times when it seems that all I can see are all of the things they still need taught. Thank you, Lord for reminding me how much they have already learned.


Nana C said...

You are seeing all that is good in that rare moment with your daughter. She knows in her heart what is right. God gives us so much to enjoy in our children. Nana C

Susan said...

O.K. my mom beat me to your blog. Nana C. is turning into a blog junky.

This was a great post. I love it when we get to see our children bearing fruit becauase sometimes we think we are doing all of this for nothing.

melmac said...

Great job Jordan! Way to go mom!