Thursday, January 24, 2008

I would like to thank........

Thank you Tanya @ Wilderness-Shiloh for awarding me my very first 'Blogger Awards'. It is quite an honor. I am humbled to know that my incessant babbling encourages you. I hope you know how blessed I feel to call you a friend and a sister in Christ. I love you!!!!

Congratulations to: Susan @ Joyful mom 6, Lori @ Manna from Heaven, Nana C. @ ever increasing-faith, and Jeff @ Stuff for winning your first awards:)

I love you all.......(Yes, even you Jeff:)


Susan said...

O.k. I am miss computer illiterate so I can't even post my awards yet.

Nana C said...

when you look at my site, I am just trying to change the look a little, I got one positive comment, acutally the only one as I only changed it the other day. I am not finished yet. It is fun. My awards are forthcoming!!!!!! Nana C