Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God Is Speaking

Every so often I read a post that just speaks so loud and clear that I know God is speaking to me. Today, I have read three of them.

Kelly at Just1Reason has been posting about a journey God has had her on. She has just posted part 3, so please make sure and begin at part 1....The Road To Emmaus.

Pete at Without Wax is on a Missions Trip in the Dominican Republic. Pete's wife, Brandi at Brandiandboys, puts things into real perspective in her post today.

The reason I am linking to these blogs are because they have all struck a cord within me. They are different, yet the same. I guess they are about getting down to the basics......the Love of Christ. Sharing it. Showing it. Spreading it.

God has been walking me down a path for a couple of months. Not sure where it's going yet, but I know He is changing me. He is changing the way I see things. He is giving me desires that I have never desired before. He is speaking.


Robin said...

Keep walking the path...

Susan said...

I read the blogs and they were great. I so too desire to do more service for the Lord. Right now he has me praying for my friends new organization called Mother's Incorporated. She is a midwife who is going to other countries and teaching women about childbirth and also sharing the Gospel. For now I will continue to pray and I know God will call me someplace in His time.

Roxanne Kristina said...

I found you via Heidi.

Great site!


Roxanne Kristina said...


I too am glad I found you and will visit. I absolutely love this post and share your sentiments. Have you met Kristi Applesauce? She is in my link list if not. I think you will love her (she and Pete correspond). Let me know what you think.


Tanya said...

Heather, you are so right. I have been to Brad and Heidi's blogs and they are just speaking to me. I know the intimacy lately between God and I has been amazing. I have seen Him with such a difference. I am so not looking forward to ending "Breaking Free" I really believe God has used it to speak to me. Amazing, love ya lots, from Tanya

Nana C said...

Well, I am definately going to these blogsites Heather, after reading the comments, they sound great. I will stay in touch. Love Nana C