Monday, July 28, 2008

He's Coming Home!

My baby is coming home today. OK. So he's 6'1. He's still my baby. Always will be. He should have been here in June, but he decided to mess around in school and ended up with Summer School. He has finally finished that and is on his way home! I am so anxious to see him. I hope I recognize him because I didn't last time. He walked right by me. OOPS!

Josh knows Christ, but does not have a relationship with him right now. Of course this disturbs me greatly. I pray for him daily and my prayer now is that God will open Josh's heart while he is here. I realize that I can't make Josh have a relationship with Christ, but I pray that he will desire one. I pray that he will 'taste and see that the Lord is good'.

I will blog tomorrow and, hopefully, include some pictures.

Have I told you that I cannot wait to see him???? Yea. I think I did. BUT....


I can't.



Indian Lake Papa said...

i can imagine that Jesus is excited about us coming home! We shall see him someday. Isn't it great when family comes home?

Heather said...

@Papa- You are so right! Jesus is anxiously awaiting our arrival. THAT is exciting, isn't it? Yes. It's GREAT when family comes home:)
Lots of love to you and Mama!

Susan said...

Enjoy your time with your son. Enjoy him and just have a great time!!!!!

Tanya said...

I am going to have to come over and see this big guy. I am so glad that you are going to get some time with him. Love ya so much, love Tanya

Carol - CDCversion said...

For the rest of your life, your ultimate moments will be when your children come back home...even just for a visit. Mom's are just wired that way, I guess. Enjoy these days with your son!!

Nana C said...

Heather, God loves both you and your son so much, enjoy your son, just sit and look at him, he is precious to God. Have a great visit. See you soon Love Nana C

Robin said...

Enjoy your son! I know you will!

Heather said...

@Susan- Oh! I will:)See you Sat? Maybe! Love ya!

@Tanya- Yes! You will have to stop over and see him. He is a giant! I'm posting pics today. Lots of Love Sister!

@Carol- I know you are right. I already feel it!! Love and Hugs!

@Nana- YES! God does love us both! Isn't that incredible??? You know what!? I love YOU!

@Robin- Thank you, sister! I definitely will. So glad to see the pic of you on your blog! Love you!