Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's VBS at our church this week which stands for VERY BUSY SERVANTS! :) Seriously, I LOVE VBS. It's so awesome to see so many kids learning verses and singing praises to God.

Typically VBS is for K-6th grade, but this year our youth director decided to create a Jr. High VBS. It's called The Challenge and it's awesome! They created an obstacle course complete with a wall they have to scale and a moat they have to jump. Since it rained on Monday and Tuesday there was lots of mud and the kiddo's are LOVIN' it!

One of the things that we, the leaders, were supposed to be looking for was team work and we have been blessed to see LOTS of it! It's amazing to watch these kids help each other over the wall and through the various courses. Yesterday some of the kids even carried their friends across the moat when they couldn't make the jump. It was truly inspiring. I can't help but think of the friends who carried their paralytic friend up to the roof and lowered him down to Jesus through a hole when they couldn't get close enough. Incredible.

I will try to post pics this weekend or early next week!

Please keep the kids and workers in your prayers. Of course, Satan is hard at work this week. There has been lots of illness (my entire family and I included) and obstacles. One more day to go! Lives are being changed! God is GOOD!!!!! :)


Tanya said...

melanie has sure enjoyed the VBS. Of course she will not make it tonight, the kids made other plans. I see all those children having such a wonderful time and the seeds that are being planted are amazing. God strength and God direction is the key. God bless you all and I will keep praying for the protections and strength. Love Tanya

Indian Lake Papa said...

I am definitely praying for the workers - the kids are on their own! lol

Robin said...

Very cool - our VBS is this week too. The teen idea is really neat - I'm sure our teens would love it!

1godsgal said...

Hi there...came to you through Papa...Love your site!!! I will be praying for you throughout the week, you have quite a calling! =)

Susan said...

Heather we are greatly enjoying VBS and all that everyone does to make it happen. God has given you a special gift and I love to see how obedient you are to his call.

darla said...

Praying for you and VBS! it is a lot of work, but one year we did not do it...and my heart broke that kids didn't experience my big mouth is the reason we are doing it this year, along with a block party to serve the community.

this is what its all about..passing the torch, to new little runners. love you Princess! I really do!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Have a wonderful weekend and I love your header!!

Nana C said...

Heather, Susan and the girls were so excited about VBS, she called us in Oceanside to tell us about the goal for the well being met. And I'm sure those who came into the Kingdom this past week will see a great change in the next year for them. God bless you Heather, thank you Nana C

brandiandboys said...

I love VBS too! My kids think it's pretty awesome also. My oldest has already been to two and will hit a third in a few weeks! VBS goes right along with the idea of summer treats!

Enjoy yours!