Monday, July 14, 2008

You Know Your Folks Are Getting Old When....

During the summer my kiddo's and I frequently eat with my folks. They live directly behind us and my dad is truly 'King of the Grill'. When he grills hamburgers, he usually grills a dozen at a time so all we have to do is pop one in the microwave and Voila! Instant dinner.

So, the other night the kiddo's and I popped over for supper and began the normal chaotic dance that ensues when we all try to squeeze into the kitchen at the same time. One by one we microwaved our patties and prepared our buns (hamburger buns, that is:).

As we sat in the living room talking and enjoying the food and company, my youngest daughter, Jordan, got up and went to the kitchen for something. When she came back in she asked: "Who left their hamburger in the microwave?" My mom, dad, Sam, and I all responded the same: "Not me." I looked around and everyone had their hamburger. As a matter of fact......everyone was almost done with their burger. We couldn't figure out how in the world an extra burger got in the we only warm them up one at a time. Yea. I don't know why. We just do.

Just when I began to get very puzzled, I heard my dad say: "OH! It's mine!"

OK, he must've made two. That's not unusual.

Then it hit me as I glanced over and saw him digging through his onions and tomato.

He forgot the meat!

Here is my dad, sifting through his half eaten bun, that he was REALLY enjoying!

Yea. You know your folks are getting old when they make a hamburger with everything except........well........the hamburger.

Love you, dad!


Susan said...

o.k. that is so funny. You really are getting old when something like that happens.

Anonymous said...

The moment was so funny. I will be watching my p's and q's pretty close from now on so I won't become one of the old folks you are going to be writing about. I love you to the moon and back, Mom

Lori... said...

This made me laugh so hard it made me cry. And then I had to call the family in to hear exactly what was so funny, that I was laughing in the other room, BY MYSELF.

It was a good laugh for all of us! Thanks for sharing!!! And thanks "dad" for being so humble as to forget your burger in the 'wave' just so we could all have a good laugh; that is very noble of you!

Indian Lake Papa said...

I would laugh - but I am 64 - and have admittedly been there and done that! Went out yesterday to grill chicken and found 3 hot dogs still on there from last week - nope, not mine! Stop by, I will nuke a hot dog for ya!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Heather..that's funny! Reminds me of the time my Mom made a tuna casserole...we all sat down to eat dinner and commented that it tasted a lil different than usual. There on the stove was the unopened can of tuna...LOL
Have a great day!

Tanya said...

You know, as I was reading this post, I laughed. Because I honetly saw your dad doing this. He is such a funny guy. You have the funniest post. Love to laugh with ya. Love Tanya

Robin said...

Funny - your family sounds like a lot of fun Heather :)

Nana C said...

Ok, this really shows you how well, me (the older woman) remembers this: the little lady on the tv. commercial "Where's the beef?" By, the way she died. I am too silly. Thanks Heather, post made me laugh. Love Nana C

Heidi said...

Oh How funny!!!

I was laughing so hard.. this would be blonde moment for me.
(with a little gray)

Did I tell you lately that you rock!!

You do..Love ya