Thursday, July 31, 2008

Misunderstood. Or Should I Say Mr. Understood?

Since my son is here visiting, I thought it would be fun to tell a little story about him. Yea. As if my last post wasn't enough to make him run, full speed, back to California. But...he is my child and must accept the fact, as most of my friends and family have, that anything he has ever done or said may, and most likely will, at some point, become entertainment for my blog;)

When Sam and Josh were little, they loved grilled cheese sandwiches. Almost daily they would request them for either lunch or dinner. So, one day I was in the kitchen getting ready to fix their lunch and they were sitting at the table. I wasn't sure what I was going to make and asked them if there was anything they were hungry for (Sam was about 4 years old and Josh was 3 years old). Neither of them could think of anything so I offered them their favorite...grilled cheese sandwiches. Samantha squealed in delight and wholeheartedly agreed that grilled cheese would be best for lunch. I assumed that Josh would be fine with it too.

As I began to prepare their sandwiches I heard Josh crying. I turned around and he was sitting at the table with big crocodile tears streaming down his face. I couldn't imagine what had made him so upset. I went over to him and this is the conversation that took place:

Me- "Buddy, what's wrong???"

Josh- "I don't want a grill cheese sandwich!!!" (sobbing and sniffing)

Me- "How come?"

Josh- "Because I want a BOY cheese sandwich!!" (crying)

Apparently he thought I had been saying 'girl cheese sandwich' all those times I had made them and he was getting to the age where he realized that there were distinct differences between boys and girls. NO WAY was he going to be caught eating a 'girl cheese sandwich'!

To this day, if I offer him a grilled cheese sandwich, I still call it a 'Boy cheese sandwich':)

I love you, buddy! Thanks for that awesome memory!!!


Susan said...

I love it. That is too cute. I will have to remember this one when I have a boy someday. I hope you don't mind if I steal it I just love that Boy Grilled Sandwich.

Heather said...

@Susan-You are more than welcome to 'steal' it when your boy just a few weeks:)
Love ya!!

Sharon said...

Glad you blogged about the sandwich,because it has been such an asdked question when making grilled cheese which we still all eat often. I love we have these memories of the kids, Love you to the Moon and Back, Mom

Indian Lake Papa said...

And here I thought I was the only one who thought all this time they were girl cheese sandwiches. Maybe i will have one after all - thanks for straightening this out! lol Oh what memories we carry with us Heather! Even potatoes on the eyes!

Carol - CDCversion said...

Loved this say the cutest things, so innocently!

Nana C said...

Yes, that was cute, just the other day our 16 year old grandson went to lunch with me and I had breakfast he had a girl cheese sandwich, with fries, of course he dips the sandwich in ketchup! We never had a problem when he was little and we traveled together, always a girl cheese sandwich would fill him up! Good memories Love nana C

Foxy Lady said...

They are so cute when they are little, what happens????

pb said...

Clever title Heather! What do you do when you buy Chef-Boy-R-Dee Spaghettios?

Robin said...

How cute!