Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Um. It's Official. I'm Old.

My non-blogger girlfriend, Deb, loves going to concerts. Me? Not so much. Unless it is someone I really love! Which typically translates to: just about any Christian concert where there are hands in the air praising God. Well, a few months ago we found out that Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick were playing a concert....together. HELLOOOO!!! I was a big Journey and Heart fan. Cheap Trick? Not so much. I liked 'em, but never loved 'em. Anyway, Deb asked me if I wanted to go and I thought about it and decided that I didn't want to spend the money. I would rather go see a good Worship band. Needless to say, I received an email from Deb about 4 days later.....she had bought tickets. We were going. And let me just say.................


Seriously. I was so amazed at how good these bands still sound. Heart was absolutely amazing. Anne Wilson can still belt it out like no other. You would think that after this many years of singing and touring that her voice would've changed some. You know, a crack here or there. Maybe a slightly different tone. Something! Nope. Nothing. Her voice is as beautiful now as it was when they began. When I was young, I so admired her voice. I wanted to sing just like her. Yep. Still do.

Now, Journey. Well, that went a little different. If you are a fan of Journey, then you know that Steve Perry is no longer with them. A detail that I wasn't aware of until the tickets were bought. I was not very happy about it. At all. I mean, really! Steve Perry made Journey! As the new (well, new in my world) singer began to sing I had to do a double take. He sounds exactly like Steve Perry! He's even about the same size and shape with just about the same hairstyle (complete with sideburns)! He even dresses like Steve Perry and has a lot of the same mannerism's on stage. Except.....he's Asian. Yea. It's really weird. Not weird because he is Asian, but because he looks and sounds so much like Steve Perry that you forget it's not him...until you look at the big screen and there is this Asian man singing with Steve Perry's voice. OK. Maybe you had to be there, but it was weird. Their music is so much more beautiful than I remember and Neil Schon (lead guitarist) and Jonathon Cain (guitarist/keyboardist) are such talented musicians. I guess I never realized that when I was younger. Which leads me to my next discovery..............


Here are a few tell tale signs that I am old:

1) I sat in my seat for, almost, the entire concert.
2) I yawned in between bands
3) The concert didn't end until after 11:30pm and I was worried about getting enough sleep
4) The girl sitting next to me was young enough to be my daughter and didn't know the songs
5) It was really loud!
6) We left before the headline band is done playing so we could beat traffic out of the parking lot
7) The pictures below represent more than half of the people who attended the concert:

This one is hard to see, but this is an 'older' man.
He caught me taking his pic. Oops!

Just so you know, right or wrong, I ran after this guy to get this pic!

(He had a cane. I had to! Don't judge me!)

BFF's (not 'old' people;)

Thanks for the tickets, Deb. I so enjoyed our time together....... reminiscing about the 'old' days when we were 'hecka cool'.

I love ya!


Robin said...

Glad you had a good time!

Lori... said...


You're not old - you're just "aged to perfection" like a fine wine or cheese (not the stinky kind though)

Love ya!

Heather said...

@Robin- Thanks:)

@Lori- Thank you, sister! Glad you clarified that I'm not 'stinky cheese':) Love ya!!!

Susan said...

O.k. that just makes me laugh thinking about an Asian Steve Perry. We are not getting older just more mature. I was absolutely in love with Bon Jovi and Marc and I went and saw them in Phoenix about five years ago. That was enough for me. They are still awesomw but it is just a big group of older woman trying to look hot and acting like fools like they were still 18. And believe me I was one of those acting like a fool. So the last few times they have come around and Marc asks me if I want to go I always say no but I do thank him for thinking about me.

I'm kind of like you I would rather go to a Christian concert. But lately I haven't even been wanting to go to those. I am really getting OLD!!!!

Heather said...

@Susan- I know what you mean about the 'older' women. I was a little surprised about what some of them were wearing last night. Hmm. AND...Gee...I am thinking that your lack of interest in going to a concert could have more to do with the fact that you are WAAY pregnant??? Yea. Pregnancy trumps 'old':) Love ya, sister!

John said...

"Here are a few tell tale signs that I am old:"

1) I no longer care what I smell like around women (this also gets filed under marriage).

2) I am in bed by 8:30 many nights and eat dinner around 4 p.m. on some days.

3) I've actually turned down love making (occasionally) in order to watch a T.V. show (18 year old me would kick my butt if he knew that). In my defense the show was House.

Heather said...

@John- Now THAT is hysterical!!!
The 18 year old WOULD be kicking your butt....even for House!

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Deb had a good time. I know down deep you are a rocker chick at heart. Glad the guys in front of you enjoyed the private concert you and Deb gave. Good to let your hair down once in awhile, without the children. Love You to the Moon and Back, Mom

Heather said...

@Annonymous- MOM! You are so cute. You don't have to be 'annonymous' anymore cuz you have a blog now. I'll show you tonight when I come over:)

Yes. Still a rocker chick at heart. That is why I gravitate towards alternative Christian rock in lieu of Hymns. Although, Hymns are pretty rockin' too!:)

Shoot! I forgot to mention the guys in front of us!!! That was SOOO funny!

Love you!
To the Moon and Back!

Tanya said...

Okay, I am so mad at you. I love those bands, and I am a night owl too. Lucky. Jeff wanted me to tell you that the singer for Journey is the second singer after Steve Perry. Steve has not sang for Journey since 96. Steve was hurt and just left the band. I am telling Anne and Nancy rock. I am glad that you had a wonderful time. Love Tanya

Simplifying me said...

Heather, you look all but the ripe age of 25. I reallllly don't believe you are as old as you are making youuuu sound.

You will know you are getting old when you remember to bring those little yellow earplugs to the next concert.

Roxanne Kristina said...

OK, it's official. I'm old too. I completely identify!!! Although I do like crankin' the radio on high once in a while.

Heather said...

@Tanya- Don't be jealous:) Tell Jeff that I knew that! HA! Actually, they have had 2 different lead singers before this last guy. See, I'm up on my Journey facts:) Love ya!

@Heidi- Have I told you how much I love YOU? 25? You're the BEST! Actually, I am pushing 40.....HARD! Love the ear plug idea. I may have to try it!!!! :)

@Rox- Me, too sister! Crankin' the radio is a MUST. Especially if it is a good praise song!

Heidi said...

Did you know??

Di you know that I love you??

Well I do.. I've been lacking on getting back to all my blogs, I just got appointed to pastor of connections and have been swamped.

I've been lurking and PRAYIN for you.

Love you!!!

Oh yeah.. you are NOT old.

Heather said...

@Heidi- Did you know that I love you, too and that I'm in awe of the gifts that God has equipped you with? Did you know that I 'lurke' on your blog, too? Did you know that your blog feeds my soul? WELL...I AM, I DO, AND IT DOES!!

darla said...

hahahaa You sweet young thing!! love your pic!! you look like you could be my younger sister..mmmmm

and yes when the photo op presents itself..JUMP! love it!!!

Robin said...

Heather - I couldn't make out your picture before, but I can see it now - you look soooooooooo young :) I'm serious you could pass for your 20's.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Signs of old age at a concert:
1) You have to go to the restroom every 20 minutes.
2) You get to the restroom and you remember you wore your Depends.
3) You can't remember where you were sitting.
4) You have to remove your hearing aids because the music (??) makes them squeal.
5) Can't find your car after the concert and you have to check your keys to see which vehicle you drove.
6) After getting home you have to go back and pick up those who rode with you.

Robin said...

Papa - love your list, but number 1 could also be a sign that you are pregnant :)

Nana C said...

Well, I was in love with Paul and when his 3 buddies and him came from England to tour here in the 60's they were as close to me as Indianapolis, Ind. about a 4 hour drive from my hometown, I followed Paul during the Wings era. How wonderful the memories are!!!!! I do not do concerts, although I was at the Quest Center in Omaha last summer with 6 darling girls and their mom. We had a grand time. Love Nana C

Nana C said...

Correction, a Christian concert. Nana C

Nana C said...

PSSSSS. I paid $75.00, for our then 15 year old daughter plus another $75., for the chaperone's ticket (but the chaperone wasn't me!), a trustworthy person though, as she(youngest daughter) came back in one piece, telling me about the opening group Cinderella!!! Crazy love nana c

Heather said...

@Darla- What a blast it would be to be your sister!!! Could you just adopt me as your sister anyway??? :) Love you, Princess!

@Robin- Have I told you that you and Heidi (Simplifying Me) are my new best friends? Well, you both said I look like I could be in my 20's...that makes you my new best friends!!! Love ya! BFF Forever! OH....and your comment to Papa....LOL!!!!

@Papa- You are SOOO funny! I LOVE #6. Cracked me up! Love and HUGS:)

@Nana-Those shaggy haired lads from London sure knew how to rock didn't they? AND...I am sooooo jealous that one of your girls saw Cinderella! They REALLY rocked!! :) Have I told you I miss you??? K. I do. Love you!